Accountability and Ethics

Transparency, integrity, and accountability should always be paramount

At ICU Medical, we are committed to doing what is right and conducting our business with the highest ethical standards in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. We believe that doing what we say we’ll do builds trust. We strive to incorporate the values of transparency, integrity, and accountability into our company through our comprehensive ethics and compliance program.

We provide our employees with training and education on policies and procedures that promote ethical business practices and help guide them to be personally accountable for compliance and possess a high standard of ethical behavior. We have spelled out these standards in our global Code of Conduct and Business Ethics that covers a wide range of topics, including interacting with customers, healthcare providers, and each other.

Our Compliance Program

ICU Medical is committed to maintaining a comprehensive and robust compliance program led by our compliance officer, who monitors its implementation. To enhance oversight, we have formed the Audit and Compliance Committee to aid in identifying and evaluating legal and regulatory compliance risks.

Our compliance program includes:

  • Written policies, procedures, and standard of conduct
  • Effective regulatory and compliance training
  • Compliance communication via email and web resources
  • Internal auditing and monitoring
  • Ethics and compliance-related investigations
  • Preventative and corrective actions, as necessary

Raising Concerns

We believe that every employee at ICU Medical is responsible for ensuring we comply with the ethical standards and laws that affect our business. We foster an open environment that encourages employees to speak up without fear of retaliation.

Any ICU Medical employee or company representative may report any concern directly to their supervisor or through an anonymous and confidential hotline. Our compliance officer and Audit and Compliance Committee investigate all allegations and develop corrective plans as needed.

Corporate Governance Practices

Our commitment to high ethical standards extends across our company—from our leadership team, to our board of directors, to all employees worldwide. 

ICU Medical is committed to exercising good corporate governance and following a Code of Conduct and Business Ethics, in addition to other meaningful policies and guidelines.

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Our Focus

  • Corporate Responsibility
    Environmental Sustainability
  • Corporate Responsibility
    Employees and Our Community
  • Corporate Responsibility
    Product Quality and Safety