Hemodynamic Monitoring Sensor

Minimally invasive access to your
critically ill patients' hemodynamic status.

Get the minimally invasive, beat-to-beat monitoring you need for your critically ill patients.

The minimally invasive CardioFlo Sensor works with the Cogent 2-in-1 hemodynamic monitoring system to measure cardiac output (CO), as well as other dynamic flow parameters, using the PulseCo Autocorrelation Algorithm. Simply connect CardioFlo to an existing arterial line to continuously assess the hemodynamic status of your critically ill patients in ICU and OR settings.

CardioFlo SafeSet.

Benefits of Using the CardioFlo Sensor

The CardioFlo Sensor gives you greater insight to your patients’ preload status and response to fluids with multiple dynamic flow parameters, including stroke volume (SV), stroke volume variation (SVV), and pulse pressure variation (PPV).

The CardioFlo Sensor, in conjunction wit the PulseCo Algorithm, calculates the mass under the waveform to measure pressures as opposed to waveform morphology which can be impacted by an arrhythima, dampening and by the administering of medication.1

Cardiac output is made more accurate utilizing a known calibration factor, a nomogram. The nomogram is patient specific based on gender, age, height and weight.2

With the reliable trends demonstrated with the CardioFlo Sensor and the PulsoCo algorithm, the option to re-calibrate is a choice.

Minimally invasive technology expands the scope of measuring hemodynamics on critically ill patients.

Available with SafeSet,
a fully closed blood sampling system

Cardioflo Safeset.

CardioFlo is part of the
Cogent 2-in-1 hemodynamic monitoring system

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