Blood Sampling System

A closed, needlefree in-line blood sampling system that reduces blood waste, while minimizing the risk of IV line contamination and the transmission of infectious disease.

Reduce blood waste and increase the efficiency of the blood sampling process.

In response to the problems and risks associated with blood management, ICU Medical has developed the SafeSet Blood Sampling System. The SafeSet is an intuitive, easy-to-use system that helps conserve blood while protecting against exposure to bloodborne pathogens and increasing the efficiency and safety of the blood sampling process.

SafeSet has a closed, in-line design that protects patient’s blood from exposure to bloodstream infections and protects the caregiver by limiting exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

  • Clearing volume can be re-infused back to the patient, which may help reduce blood waste and the risk of iatrogenic anemia.
  • Two needlefree access device options, luer and cannula, protect clinicians from exposure to infectious diseases.

  • Polycarbonate case protects sheath and plunger from exposure to non-sterile environment.

  • Kit configurations addresses both adult and the neonatal/pediatric patient population.

  • Available as a standalone system, or with the ICU Medical Transpac Pressure Monitoring Kit.

ICU Medicals safeset details of how it works

Luer Access Device

close up of ICU Medicals Safeset product

Cannual Access Device

ICU Medicals Nicu Safeset with blood sample
Technical Specs
Reservoir: Adult, 1-10 mL
Neonatal/pediatric, 1-3 mL
Without Latex Components: Yes
Product Accessories
Shielded Blunt Cannula
Shielded Blunt Cannula With Tube Holder

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