Infusion Safety Software for Plum Duo Infusion Pumps

Cutting-edge unified software that fosters seamless collaboration, rapid data access, and operational efficiency

Part of the ICU Medical IV Performance Platform.

Reduce risk and raise performance across your entire IV Therapy practice

Designed with the input of pharmacists, nurses, and administrators, LifeShield software empowers health systems to raise the bar in IV performance across the entire enterprise. This unified software suite transcends the traditional concept of “safety software” by offering cloud functionality and secure data access across all locations.

Innovative hybrid architecture lets you manage your enterprise from anywhere without losing local security and control

Cloud-based platform empowers you to have one system that can manage your whole enterprise from anywhere, while an on premise cloud adapter provides security and control within your local network.

Drug Library Management

Promoting collaboration across the entire system, the Drug Library Management module is designed to allow pharmacists to easily manage medications, clinical care areas, rulesets, and drug libraries with shared cloud-access from anywhere.

Device Manager

With a bird’s eye view of the entire device fleet, users can view asset and operational information about infusion pumps or initiate drug library and software updates from anywhere, helping to boost responsiveness.

Clinical Dashboards and Reports

With near real-time access to information and the ability to create customized reports of historical data, this user-friendly interface encourages users to make the most of their data, helping to drive faster continuous improvement.

Account Manager

Enabling control of system-wide access from anywhere, the Account Manager module allows users to manage security, monitoring, storage, networking, and users accounts in one central web-based platform.

Move at the Speed of Modern Medicine

Unlock collaborative IV management with an intuitive interface

With user-friendly screens and straightforward navigation, healthcare teams can work together to create drug libraries, manage pump-fleet maintenance, and access critical data, promoting operational excellence and ultimately improving patient care.

Get near real-time insights for data-driven excellence across your enterprise

Infusion data is easily accessible on real-time dashboards, providing a common source of truth and helping align healthcare professionals. This can help enhance decision-making while facilitating faster action for continuous improvement.

Boost responsiveness with remote drug library and fleet management

Fast drug library deployment is more automated to help ensure devices are consistently updated, while remote management capabilities empower healthcare teams to respond rapidly to supply disruptions, medication shortages, and other emergencies, regardless of physical location.

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