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We recognize availability to IV solutions is vital to your operations and patient care. That’s why we’ve made significant investments in manufacturing capacity, product quality, warehousing and distribution. Our primary onshore IV solutions manufacturing, robust distribution network, and flexible approach to contracting help ensure you have IV solutions when and where you need them.

SuperHub: Our Approach to IV Solutions Supply Preparedness

The importance of IV solutions supply is why we built SuperHub, a state-of-the-art, centralized facility with overe 600,000 square feet (10.5 football fields) of space and capacity, allowing us to hold incremental levels of safety stock, replenish our nationwide distribution network, and ship directly to you from a single location.

Workers in SuperHub warehouse
Warehouse Assurance

Assurances in a Time of Uncertainty.

In addition to holding incremental levels of safety stock, SuperHub provides dedicated warehousing space to hold guaranteed safety stock for contracted customers in times of shortage.

Simplify your logistics with flexible, centralized shipping

Licensed to ship in all 50 states, SuperHub ships most orders anywhere in the US within 1-2 days, and larger orders of stock over the road to meet your needs. Whether you need a case, a pallet or truckload quantities, SuperHub can deliver the IV solutions you need right to your door.

ICU Medicals Superhub Map

Smarter Manufacturing from Smarter Geography

Our IV Solutions manufacturing facility is located in Austin, TX, which resides within a geographically stable, low risk area from experiencing natural disasters. With production out of harm’s way and continued investments in power, equipment, and sterilization, rely on a partner whose goal is to help keep you supplied.

Access a Broad IV Solutions Portfolio

We offer a broad portfolio of Injectable, Irrigation, and Parenteral Nutrition solutions in a variety of sizes and container options to help you provide safe and effective patient care.

  • IV Solutions
    A robust portfolio of intravenous solution options in flexible containers, including fluid and electrolyte replenishment, IV medication patient administration, and tamper-evident accessories.
  • Drug Reconstitution Transfer Device

    Facilitate admixture medications where and when you need them

  • IV Solutions
    A comprehensive portfolio of irrigation solution options in flexible and semi-rigid containers for general and surgical irrigation patient procedures.
  • IV Solutions
    Non-PVC, Non-DEHP
    A full line of 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP in flexible, non-PVC/non-DEHP IV containers, and tamper-evident accessories to help meet drug compatibility, patient safety, and environmental initiatives.
  • IV Solutions
    Parenteral Nutrition
    A specialized portfolio of parenteral nutrition products and accessories for manual and automated compounding preparations for patients requiring IV nutritional support.

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