Clinician-founded. Clinically focused.

From our beginnings in 1984 as an innovative clinician-founded company to today—as a global leader in IV therapy—ICU Medical remains committed to bringing you clinically-relevant products and technologies that help you safely and efficiently meet your patient care challenges.

Enhancing our focus on IV therapy, the lifeblood of care

IV therapy is one of the most common invasive hospital procedures worldwide, with over 80% of patients receiving IV therapy during their stay. IV therapy is so common that it can be easy to take the benefits—and the risks—for granted. At ICU Medical, we are actively working on improving the safety and efficiency of IV therapy from preparation to administration.

ICU Medical is focused on helping you safely, accurately, and efficiently deliver life-saving, life-enhancing IV fluids across the continuum of care.

Introducing the ICU Medical

IV Performance Platform

Leap into a new era in IV therapy with a scalable platform comprised of revolutionary Plum Duo infusion pumps and the reimagined LifeShield infusion safety software. The platform empowers you to raise the performance of your IV therapy practice – enhancing safety and efficiency across IV touchpoints.

IV Performance Platform