SurgiVet Advisor Tech Vital Signs Monitor

Upgrade in the field

Upgrade options for Respironics Mainstream COor Sidestream CO2, Masimo® Gas Analyzer and TranStar IBP are available to add to your monitor, whenever your clinic requires it. 

Masimo® is a registered trademark of Masimo® Corporation.

Respironics is a trademark of Koninklijke Philips N.V.

Pre-programmed with 7 species

ECG: 3 and 5 lead monitoring capabilities

Options to select lead-specific viewing of event marking arrhythmia, ST analysis and amplification of lead signal and (xo.25, xo.5, x1.0, x2.0) display.

TranStar IBP: invasive pressure channels

Measures direct and arterial pressure, central venous pressure, and various other hemodynamic parameters.

Philips Respironics Mainstream & Sidestream Capnography (Co2)

Capnography provides a means to assess ventilation, integrity of the airway and breathing circuit and cardiopulmonary function.

ETCo2 helps asses if an anesthetized patient is breathing correctly and maintaining proper circulation1.

NIBP: Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

For use on small to large animals, utilizing Technicuff® branded cuffs in four sizes, and a 6 ft hose.

Small cuff: 3-9 cm 

Medium cuff: 5-15 cm

Large cuff: 9-25 cm

Extra Large cuff: 17-45 cm

Technicuff® is a trademark of Technicuff Corporation.

SpO2: Digital Pulse Oximetry

Pulse oximetry determines peripheral oxygen saturation levels. The Advisor Tech includes four different SpO2 sensors to allow for optimum placement, and Masimo® technology is available on select models.

Two temperature channels

Two temperature channels adjustable for both Fahrenheit and Celsius, which can be used for various measuring sites, such as esophageal or rectal.

Premarket approval is not required: FDA does not require submission of a 510(k), PMS or any premarket approval for devices used in veterinary medicine. 

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1. Aminiahidashti H, Shafiee S, Zamani Kiasari A, Sazgar M. Applications of End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide (ETCO2) Monitoring in Emergency Department; a Narrative Review. Emerg (Tehran). 2018;6(1):e5. Epub 2018 Jan 15. PMID: 29503830; PMCID: PMC5827051.