Infusion Management System

A software platform that helps hospitals simplify and improve medication delivery. The system helps refine and improve medication administration with ICU Medical’s Medfusion 4000 and CADD-Solis infusion devices with a focus on patient and caregiver safety.

ICU Medicals Cybersecurity

Dose Error Reduction System (DERS)

PharmGuard Administrator and Toolbox are your last line of defense against drug errors helping to ensure safe medication delivery for your patients: 
•    Comprehensive and versatile drug libraries
•    Flexible workflows 
•    Designed to support the varying needs of your facility and specialized care areas

Specialization, when it’s needed most 

PharmGuard Infusion Management System is designed to help protect those in the most delicate of situations. The ability to create drug libraries for specialty areas of care helps to focus your system where it’s needed the most.

Enhancing patient safety and clinician workflow through integrated solutions

*Available with PharmGuard Interoperability which may be licensed separately

PharmGuard Server Reports

Understanding infusions and infusion best practice is very important to continuous quality improvement. PharmGuard Reports highlight important issues and allow for a drill down to areas you may need to focus on. The reports are intended to help you:

  • Assess compliance
  • Understand best practice information
  • Track devices, preventative maintenance (identify devices that are overdue for PM and devices that are coming due (or past due) and their usage
  • Reconstruct data associated with infusions administered through PharmGuard

Reports for CADD-Solis

PharmGuard Server has 42 reports for CADD-Solis pumps, consisting of protocol compliance reports, safety event reports, alarm reports, protocol utilization reports, event detail reports, clinical engineering reports, and pain management reports.

Reports for Medfusion 4000

Medfusion has 40 reports in PharmGuard consisting of drug program compliance reports, safety event reports, alarm reports, drug program utilization reports, event detail reports, and clinical engineering reports.


Enhance patient and clinician safety, streamline clinical workflows and infusion data in near real-time with PharmGuard’s key interoperability profile: Auto-documentation.

Benefits of Auto-documentation:

  • Automatically and accurately transfer infusion data to your EHR for faster, more efficient documentation
  • Collaborate with care teams more efficiently
  • Document with accuracy
  • Share timely data with other disciplines

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