Peristaltic Pump Module

Convenient and efficient fluid dispensing technology designed for the fast transfer of large-volume, non-hazardous fluids and the preparation of stock bags and syringes

Fast and Convenient Fluid Dispensing Technology

With the new Diana peristaltic pump, transferring large volumes of diluents, preparing admixtures, and reconstituting drug vials just got easier. A user-friendly, easy-to-read color touchscreen lets you enter preparation data more efficiently while a powerful motor helps streamline pharmacy operations and maximize the speed and accuracy of transfers.

Efficient fluid transfer technology right at your fingertips

Increase throughput during the batching process for syringes and improve the efficiency of your pharmacy’s sterile compounding.


Simple interface with color touchscreen and intuitive preprogrammed prompts allow for easy programming and operation

Streamline Workflows

Satisfy a broad spectrum of requirements, from reconstitution of drug vials to filling of sterile syringes

Enhance Safety

Automated compounding designed to ensure technicians are preparing transfers in the most time efficient and accurate way

Ensure Quality

Built-in controls help you manage the accuracy of your batch preparations

Enhance your pharmacy’s fluid transfer process with a user-friendly interface,
intuitive preprogrammed prompts, and automatic interval settings.

  • Color Touch Screen

    Enter information more efficiently and accurately with an easy-to-read touch screen

  • Syringe Access

    Securely connect to syringes and increase throughput and efficiency by batch-filling

  • In-line Quality Control

    Receive quality check prompts and reporting to help ensure batch preparations maintain accuracy throughout the process

  • Ambulatory Pump Filling

    Diana’s motor allows for various speed settings used to fill elastomeric or ambulatory pumps or transfer viscous fluids

Improve the efficiency of your batch filling process

Whether it’s large volume transfers or batching syringes, Diana has everything you need to enhance the efficiency of your high volume compounding.

Diana Peristaltic Pump Module Accessories



Single Lead Heavy Duty Tubing 


Dual Lead Heavy Duty Tubing     


Triple Lead Heavy Duty Tubing     


Single Lead Heavy Duty Tubing w/ Double Luer


Single Lead Tubing for Use w/ Lipids   


Single Lead Tubing   


Single Lead Tubing w/ Double Luer   


Double Lead Tubing   


Triple Lead Tubing 


Syringe Adaptor   


Syringe Holder   

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