Level 1 Convective Warmer Device

Level 1 Convective Warmer Device

The Level 1 Convective Warming System consists of a high-flow convective warmer with hose-end temperature control, a convective warming blanket, and accessories.

The convective warmer draws ambient-temperature air through a HEPA air filter. The filtered air is warmed to a selected temperature.

The warmed air enters the convective warming blanket through the hose and is distributed through delivery channels. Perforations on the patient side of the blanket gently disperse warm air over the patient.

The safety circuit provides an independent means to discontinue power to the heater. This design prevents exposing the patient to excessive temperatures, while continuously monitoring over and under temperature alarms for each setting.

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Minimum order quantity: 1

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Specifications / Ordering Information

Level 1 Convective Warming System

Order CodeDescriptionUnit Per Case
L1-CW-100V100V, 50/60 Hz1
L1-CW-120V110-127V, 50/60 Hz1
L1-CW-220V220-240V, 50/60 Hz1
L1-HoseReplacement L1-CW Hose1
L1-ShelfCart/Trolley Storage Shelf1
L1-FilterReplacement L1-CW Filter10
L1-ClampIV Pole Clamp1

Order CodeDescriptionUnit Per Case
L1-PWR-I-ChinaChina and Mongolia1
L1-PWR-KDenmark and Bangladesh1
L1-PWR-KORSouth Korea1
L1-PWR-LChile and Italy1
L1-PWR-MIndia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka1
L1-PWR-ZAFSouth Africa1
L1-PWR-EUCE 7/7 style, includes multi-lingual printed manual1
L1-PWR-GUK style, includes English printed manual1

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