Powerwand Catheters

The simple yet novel design of the Powerwand products provides clinicians with fewer insertion steps than the standard modified Seldinger technique.

ICU Medical Powerwand

Not all catheters are created equal

Composed of proprietary catheter materials, CHRONOFLEX C® with Bioguard technology, Powerwand products are designed from start to finish to help safety. Multiple independent studies demonstrated that use of Powerwand catheters, coupled with additional clinical measures, showed a reduction in occurrence of bloodstream infections.1, 2, 3, 4

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    Powerwand Midline Catheters

    Offering intuitive and easy insertion methods, Powerwand midline catheters help reduce the number of steps needed to insert the catheter compared to a standard modified Seldinger technique

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    Powerwand Extended Dwell Catheters

    Powerwand extended dwell catheters offer clinicians a long, power injectable catheter (6 cm, 2.4") that can be placed in either the upper arm or forearm

CHRONOFLEX C is a trademark of Advansource Biomaterials Corporation

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