Powerwand Extended Dwell Catheters

Powerwand Extended Dwell Catheters

Offering intuitive and easy insertion methods, Powerwand extended dwell catheters are designed to reduce the number of steps needed to insert the catheter compared to a standard modified Seldinger technique.

Powerwand extended dwell catheters may help clinicians achieve one-stick hospitalization and provide a solution for difficult IV access, vein preservation, and infection control.

Product Benefits

Offer clinicians a long, power injectable catheter (6 cm, 2.4") that can be placed in either the upper arm or forearm.

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Specifications / Ordering Information

Powerwand Extended Dwell Catheters

Code Description Qty/Box
94122 XL Single Sterile, 3Fr (6cm) 10
94123 XL Quick Kit, 3Fr (6cm) 10
92019 ED Single Sterile, 3Fr (6cm) 10
72627 ED Quick Kit, 3Fr (6cm) 10
95001 XL REC Single Sterile, 4Fr (6cm) 10

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