Clave Neutron

Anti-Reflux Neutral Displacement Needlefree Connector

A needlefree neutral displacement connector featuring ICU Medical’s clinically-differentiated Clave infection control technology with a bidirectional valve designed to prevent blood reflux and help minimize occlusions.

The Clave Neutron Needlefree Neutral Displacement Connector is Designed to Reduce Reflux to Help Minimize Occlusions

Maintaining catheter patency and minimizing occlusions can be important steps in your efforts to enhance patient safety and help reduce costs.

Despite your efforts, central line occlusions—which are frequently caused by blood reflux—remain a significant issue that can result in delays in critical patient care, increased risk of infection, and increased healthcare costs. That’s why reducing the risk of catheter occlusions may help you decrease the need for expensive declotting agents, such as tPA, and reduce the clinical costs associated with managing catheter occlusions.

Clave Neutron connector may help you reduce catheter occlusions by 50%8

Clave Neutron connectors innovative anti-reflux technology helps stop occlusions before they start while providing a safe and effective microbial barrier.

Our Neutron needlefree neutral displacement connector is designed to prevent fluid displacement resulting from the four known causes of displacement associated with needlefree connectors: connection or disconnection of a luer, syringe plunger compression, patient vascular pressure changes (e.g., coughing or sneezing), and IV solution container run-dry, which may cause multiple forms of reflux into a catheter.1 The Clave Neutron also utilizes ICU Medical’s Clave needlefree connector technology, which is proven to minimize contamination and help you lower the risk of catheter-related bloodstream infections (CRBSIs).2,3,4,5,6,7

ICU Medicals Neutron being used by a Nurse

Helping reduce catheter occlusions with the Clave Neutron needlefree neutral displacement connector may provide real-time clinical benefits.

The Clave Neutron may help avoid delays in therapy of critical intravenous medications (e.g., antibiotics and oncolytics), nutritional support, and blood products.

The Clave Neutron may help avoid patient discomfort and pain caused by unnecessary needlesticks, catheter restarts, and manipulation of the IV site.

The Clave Neutron may help minimize unnecessary costs that add up when treating an occlusion.

The Clave Neutron may help reduce the risk of infection by preventing thrombosis and minimizing IV line manipulation.

Designed to Prevent Fluid Displacement Resulting from the Four Known Causes of Displacement

Reflux of blood into the catheter has been shown to contribute to biofilm formation and catheter occlusion.

ICU Medicals Neutron Reflux diagram

Advanced Anti-Reflux Technology

Because of an innovative design incorporating a proprietary, bidirectional silicone valve and bellows feature to help prevent reflux, Clave Neutron helps maintain catheter patency during the times traditional connectors have been shown to occlude most often.

Diagram of Neutron Technology.

Clinically-differentiated Infection Control Technology Proven to Minimize Bacterial Contamination2,3,4,6,7

Clave Neutron can help your efforts to reduce bloodstream infections by minimizing entry points for bacteria and maximizing the effectiveness of every flush.

ICU Medicals Neutron Color Rings

Add a Splash of Color for Quick and Easy Line Identification

Customize Neutron connector with a variety of color-coded rings to help you improve IV line management and avoid medication mix-ups.

Color-coded needlefree IV connector rings designed to help reinforce your facility's line-identification initiatives:
  • Enhance patient safety and reduce the possibility of medication errors
  • Quickly access the proper infusion port in emergency situations
  • Improve connector change interval compliance with better needlefree connector identification
Technical Specifications

Residual Volume: 0.1 mL
Flow Rate at Gravity: 100 mL / minute
Blood Compatibility: Yes
MRI Compatibility: No Metal Components
High Pressure Compatibility: 10 mL / second and 350 psi
Drug Compatibility 

Alcohol: Yes
Lipids: Yes
Chemotherapy Yes
ICU Medicals Saline Flush product

Neutron’s saline flush option is designed to help you reduce risks, cost, and time associated with heparin use.

Warning: Clave connectors may be incompatible with some male-luer connectors including prefilled glass syringes. To avoid damage to the Clave or syringes or male luers which may result in delays of medication administration and possible serious adverse events, users should confirm mating luers or syringes have an internal diameter range of 0.062” to 0.110”. Check the internal diameter of the male-luer connector of the mating syringe prior to using it to access the Clave. Products outside of these dimensional tolerances should not be used.

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