Diana ACS

Automated Drug Compounding System

Automated sterile compounding for the accurate, safe, and efficient preparation of hazardous drugs.

  • User-controlled automated system for repeatable accuracy.
  • Helps reduce exposure to hazardous drugs.
  • Minimizes repetitive motion stresses.
  • Helps maintain drug sterility.
nurse using Diana drug compounding system

The unique features of the Diana automated compounding system facilitate high-volume compounding of IV medications, allowing you to improve your existing batch filling process to be more accurate, safe, and efficient

Channel 1 - Low-Volume Transfer

  • Add medication to patient IV bags
  • Add medication to syringes
  • Add medication to elastomeric pumps
  • Extract every drop of drug

Channel 2 - High-Volume Transfer

  • Reconstitute lyophilized drugs
  • Add diluent to patient IV bags
  • Fill a syringe or elastomeric pump
  • Batch-prepare a series of container

Reducing Human Data Entry Error.

The Diana automated compounding system's barcode scanner references a library of over 6500 unique injectable drug names and concentrations to help minimize data entry errors while giving you enhanced traceability, improved documentation, and complete validation of each preparation.

Nurse using Diana Automatic Drug Compounding system

Providing a Complete Record of Each Preparation

After each mix is completed, the Diana automated compounding system sends the medication name, volume, time, and date to a printer that creates up to five labels containing preparation information to complement your validation and quality assurance process, help prevent medication errors, and provide a record of past preparations.

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