Valved Peel-Away Sheath Introducer

Valved Peel-Away Sheath Introducer

ICU Medical offers a Valved Peel-Away Sheath Introducer designed to help reduce the risk of air embolisms and unnecessary blood loss during intravascular catheter insertion for a port implantation.

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Box quantity: 5

Product Benefits

  • Specially designed valve membrane to help reduce risk of blood loss and air embolisms during catheter insertion
  • Extruded scoreline peel-away sheath
  • Ergonomically designed hub
  • French size printed on handle and indicated by ISO color-coded introducer cap for easy identification of introducer size and to ensure dilator and sheath sizes are identical
  • Positive locking dilator connector to confirm dilator is firmly attached to the sheath

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Valved Peel-Away Introducer Sets

Product CodeIntroducer (Valved)

Note: All dilators are 18 cm in length, and sheaths are 13 cm in length.

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