Peel-Away Sheath Introducer

Peel-Away Sheath Introducer

ICU Medical offers the non-valved Peel-Away Sheath Introducer to aid in precise port catheter placement. Available in a wide variety of sizes and for use with PORT-A-CATH Implantable Access Systems and other implantable access systems.

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Box quantity: 5

Product Benefits

  • Long and precision-tapered form fit designed to smooth guidewire/dilator transition and dilator/sheath transition
  • Extruded score-line peel-away sheath
  • Ergonomically designed hub
  • French size printed on handle and indicated by color-coded introducer cap for easy identification of introducer size and to ensure dilator and sheath sizes are identical
  • Positive locking dilator connector to confirm dilator is firmly attached to the sheath

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Specifications / Ordering Information

Non-Valved Peel-Away Introducer Sets

Product CodeFrench SizeSheath Length (cm)Dilator Length (cm)

Note: Introducers available in all current PORT-A-CATH, PORT-A-CATH II, PORT-A-CATH POWER P.A.C, PORT-A-CATH II POWER P.A.C, P.A.S. PORT, P.A.S. PORT T2 POWER P.A.C., ProPort Plastic, Fluoro-Free, Fluoro-Free PORT-A-CATH II POWER P.A.C. implantable port systems. | Trays include: Portal, catheter, PORT-A-CATH straight needle, blunt needle (except preassembled systems), vein pick, 18 ga extra thin wall introducer needle, “J” guidewire(s), vessel dilator/sheath introducer assembly, 90° PORT-A-CATH needle, GRIPPER PLUS POWER P.A.C. safety needle(s) (only in the POWER P.A.C. trays), 2 syringes, tunneling tool and Point-Lok device(s). All systems are unassembled, unless otherwise noted.

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