neoheel Safety Lancets

neoheel Safety Lancets

The neoheel Safety Lancets help collect quality blood samples from infants for metabolic screening, glucose, and other tests.

The needle retraction feature helps clinicians avoid needlestick injuries and cross-contamination exposure while the integrated safety tab prohibits premature activation.

neoheel is available in four configurations, which are based on the baby's development level (micro-preemie, preemie, newborn, and toddler).

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neoheel Safety Lancets

Color CodeProduct CodeDescription (Incision depth and length)Units Per Case
Green1060MMicro-Preemie. 0.65 mm X 1.40 mm.4 boxes of 50 each
Orange1061PPreemie. 0.85 mm X 1.75 mm.4 boxes of 50 each
Yellow1062NNewborn. 1.0 mm X 2.5 mm.4 boxes of 50 each
Blue1063TToddler. 2.0 mm X 3.0 mm.4 boxes of 50 each

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