300 Series

Infusion System

An all-in-one infusion system built to work the way you do

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Safety, efficiency, and flexibility in a single, easy-to-use infusion system

Delivering fluids and medications to a diverse patient population brings with it a certain level of pressure. At ICU Medical, we believe technology should support you without making care more complicated. 

Introducing the ICU Medical 300 Series infusion system, an all-in-one infusion system designed for today’s busy and fast-paced healthcare environment.   

Enhance safety with technology designed to help you respond faster

Communication and efficiency are essential in a clinical environment. Colour-coded status indications let you get key patient care details at a glance, helping you stay on top of your patients’ infusion therapy needs. A flexible drug library helps you define safe drug parameters while predefined infusion protocols and smart programming options reduce the complexity of pump programming.

At-a-glance status

Get colour indications for key infusion parameters, alarms, and warnings, enabling you to quickly recognise critical infusion events.



Low & Medium Alarms

High Alarms

Configurable drug limits

Get the flexibility to meet the needs of varied patient populations with a versatile drug library, featuring predefined infusion parameters that help ensure compliance and safety.

  • Extensive drug library allows you to customise delivery parameters based on patient characteristics, including 5,000 drugs and 40 care areas. 
  • Configurable parameters provide hard-limit restrictions and soft-limit warnings for titrations. 
  • Coloured labels can be assigned to drug categories for rapid identification.

Keep the focus on your patients with easy-to-use infusion technology

Technology should make care safer without making it more complicated. Our clinician-centric usability features are here to help improve efficiencies and streamline workflows. The modular design and user-friendly technology offer easy setup and straightforward infusion programming, helping to make medication administration faster and less complicated.

Easy-to-read touchscreen and keypad let you easily program infusions how you choose

Intuitive colour touch screen allows for direct programming. You also have the choice to program infusions directly from the alphanumeric keypad, providing flexibility to program the way you are most comfortable.


Predefined protocols and smart programming options

Customise your IV workflow to best fit your clinical needs and work the way you do.

  • Avoid manual programming errors and minimise user interpretation errors with predefined hospital protocols and guided programming. 
  • Build confidence in infusion delivery by eliminating the need to manually convert dosing units with automatic dose to ml/hr conversion, reducing the risk of medication errors. 

Use a single system with all patient populations across all care areas

  • System includes volumetric, syringe, PCA/epidural, and TCI modules.
  • Portable and modular design for easy setup and transport across all departments.
  • Deliver multiple infusions while minimising space with 2, 4, 6, or 8 pump docking station configurations with optional built-in Wi-Fi.
  • Unique, rotatable pole clamp enables seamless movement of pumps between a docking station, IV pole, or horizontal bed rail.

Monitor and prioritise your infusions from one location

Because you can’t be in two places at once, it’s important that your vision is extended to help you stay on top of your patients’ infusion status. With optional ICU Medical 300 Series safety software, you get the visibility you need to help ensure safe and effective delivery of care.

Get infusion status quicker from one location with the addition of ICU Medical 300 Series safety software

Obtaining an infusion status–for instance, if a syringe or bag is empty–should be viewable remotely. With our safety software, you’ll get access to near real-time infusion data at your fingertips.

  • View patient infusion and alarm status from nursing station with remote monitoring capability, improving clinical awareness and reducing response time.
  • Assess infusion needs away from the bedside for patients in situations requiring isolation, such as COVID 19, reducing the risk of clinical exposure and conserving personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Infusion history reports provide valuable information for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI)

ICU Medical gives you the right smart infusion system for every application

With the award-winning Plum 360 infusion system for specialty care areas or the ICU Medical 300 Series infusion system to standardise all infusions, we have the right smart pump technology you need to help deliver excellence in IV therapy.

Connect Smarter. Care Safer.

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