Find out how easy a secondary delivery can be

  • 48% of secondary infusions are shown
    to have a least one setup error1
  • Plum technology can help you add a secondary
    medication without complication

It’s time to think differently about secondary infusions

Many pumps actually rely on gravity to deliver infusions and include measured setup requirements for accurate delivery. Missed, delayed, or incomplete secondary infusions can occur if these requirements are not followed, adding to the nurse’s already full plate. And which secondary is ok to miss or delay?

The unique delivery capabilities of the Plum Duo and Plum 360 infusion systems can help you eliminate the risk of common setup errors shown to occur in 48% of secondary infusions.1

Lower medication Errors, not infusion containers

The unique delivery system of the Plum Duo and Plum 360 infusion pumps draws medication directly from the secondary container, eliminating the risk for common secondary setup errors. With a direct connection of the secondary line to the Plum cassette, there’s no need to adjust IV container head height to assure your secondary infusions are delivered properly. This eliminates the risk of pressure differential errors, which are the most common secondary setup errors.1

You can hang the bags where it is convenient for you, including along the side of the pump with the mini pole.
ICU Medicals Clamp product

Get alerted to forgotten clamps

The direct connection of the secondary line to the Plum cassette allows the system to detect when a clamp is closed, alerting the clinician right away that there is an occlusion and preventing the incorrect delivery of the primary.

  • ISMP noted that 65% of nurses2 reported missing a secondary due to closed roller clamp
  • Consider the impact of an undetected closed clamp for a sepsis patient where every hour that an antibiotic is delayed has been shown to increase mortality by 7.6%3

Do two things at once with concurrent delivery

With the Plum Duo and Plum 360, you can simultaneously deliver two compatible medications at independent rates through a single line, letting you deliver your secondary infusion without pausing your primary.

nurse EHR

Gather data you can trust

With direct-connect secondary delivery, you can feel confident that the prescribed infusion is delivered, and your patient infusion data accurately reflects the infusion. With other systems, when you have a secondary delivery setup error, not only is that error reflected in your medication delivery, but your documentation may be impacted as well. Because you can feel confident that your secondary infusions are being delivered as programmed, you can also be assured that your documentation reflects the actual infusion activity. This is particularly relevant in interoperable systems where your documentation is sent directly from the pump to the EHR.

ICU Medicals Plum 360 awards

... and much much more.

Secondary IV delivery is important, but did we mention the Plum 360 also earned the highest rating for pump performance five years in a row (2021, 2022 Smart Pumps - EMR-Integrated; 2018, 2019, 2020 Smart Pumps) and features full IV-EHR interoperability and industry-standard cybersecurity?

Connect Smarter. Care Safer.

Find out how Plum infusion systems can help improve the safety and efficiency of IV medication delivery.


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