ICU Medical, Inc. Announces the Availability of the Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer

News / Thursday June 1, 2023

San Clemente, Calif. June 1, 2023 – ICU Medical, Inc., a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of innovative medical devices, today announces the availability of the Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer, a blood and fluid warming device used to heat blood, blood products, and other intravenous solutions in hospital settings, a critical process required for patients experiencing blood loss, at risk of hypothermia after surgery, or undergoing urological irrigation.

H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer

The Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer allows rapid infusion of warm fluids while providing extra protection from an integrated air detector and clamp. Upon detection of air in the line, the flow of blood and fluid is automatically stopped, allowing quick removal of air and restoration of flow without disconnecting from the patient or changing disposable administration sets.

"Our teams have worked very hard to make the Level 1 H-1200 device available globally in countries where market authorization exists," explained Chad Jansen, ICU Medical Corporate Vice President of Specialty Products. "We look forward to serving and supporting current and new customers and their patients."

Customers interested in more information about Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer can call their ICU Medical customer service team at 1-800-258-361, or send us an inquiry here. Product not available for sale in the European Union.

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