ICU Medical’s Plum 360 Infusion System First-Ever to Receive Best in KLAS Honors as the Top-Performing Smart Pump in both EMR-Integrated and Traditional Categories

News / Wednesday February 8, 2023

KLAS Research recognizes Plum 360 as Best in KLAS for the sixth straight year, highlighting ICU Medical’s commitment to providing constantly high levels of service and value to its customers

San Clemente, Calif. February 8, 2023 – ICU Medical, Inc., a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of innovative medical devices, today announced its Plum 360 smart infusion system is the first to be recognized as the top-performing smart pump in both the EMR-Integrated and Traditional categories by KLAS Research, a leading global health care research firm. This is the sixth straight year the Plum 360 has been recognized as Best in KLAS and the first time any IV Smart Pump has been honored in both categories.

Best In Klas 2023 Press Release

The Plum 360 has won a Best in KLAS award every year that it has been eligible and is the only smart infusion system to win the Smart Pump EMR-Integrated category.

“The 2023 Best in KLAS report highlights the top-performing healthcare IT solutions as determined by extensive evaluations and conversations with thousands of healthcare providers,” said Adam Gale, president of KLAS Research. “These distinguished winners have demonstrated exceptional dedication to improving and innovating the industry, and their efforts are recognized through their inclusion in this report. Congratulations to all the winning vendors for setting the bar for excellence in healthcare IT. KLAS continues to be committed to creating transparency and helping providers make informed decisions through our accurate, honest, and impartial reporting.”

The Plum 360’s Best in KLAS award as the top-performing Smart Pump EMR-Integrated underscores how closely aligned the Plum 360 is with the latest industry guidelines for interoperable infusion systems, including those published by the Institute for Safe Medication Practices (ISMP), the Emergency Care Research Institute (ECRI), and those required to receive UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP) certification. And receiving the same award for stand-alone IV smart pumps reinforces the importance of the core differentiating features of the Plum 360.

“While nearly 180 clinical sites are utilizing the Plum 360 as an interoperable device, there are still very significant advantages when used without interoperability,” explained Dan Woolson, corporate vice president and general manager of ICU Medical Infusion Systems. “Features like secondary drug delivery, air-in-line management, and drug library compliance are important as stand-alone features. In an interoperable environment, they are amplified and further enhance safety by helping health care providers reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, streamline workflows, and maximize revenue capture.”

Woolson added that Plum 360’s dual awards by KLAS as the #1 market-leading smart pump “helps to demonstrate the consistently high levels of service that ICU Medical provides to its customers—a commitment to service carries through to all the products we provide.”

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