Plum Duo

Infusion Pump with LifeShield Infusion Safety Software

Combining clinician-driven ingenuity with cutting-edge technology to help you confidently navigate the challenges of IV therapy.

Part of the ICU Medical IV Performance Platform.

A New Era in Infusion Therapy

Designed with clinicians for clinicians to elevate IV performance

Seamlessly combining innovation with familiarity, the Plum Duo infusion pump streamlines medication delivery, helping to ensure precise, accurate dosing and reduce interruptions, all while providing nurses the confidence and freedom to prioritize what truly matters: delivering exceptional care to their patients.

Gain added versatility with dual-channel design

This two-channel infusion pump can concurrently deliver up to four compatible medications at independent rates with a single pump.

Empower confidence with an intuitive, modern interface

Plum Duo’s smartphone-like interface helps guide users through setup and programming while streamlining complex tasks.

Intuitive on-screen cues reinforce safety limits, facilitating a stronger connection from pharmacy to the bedside.

Access critical information at a distance, at a glance

The vibrant, ten-inch high-definition display is protected by durable, easy-to-clean Corning®Gorilla® Glass1 and presents clear, legible data, even in the most challenging lighting conditions.


1 Corning and Gorilla are registered trademarks of Corning Incorporated.

Bring Simplicity and Reliability to High Acuity

Confidently manage complex infusions

Managing complex infusions in a crowded and confined space poses significant challenges for healthcare professionals. Vulnerable patients cannot afford interruptions to their infusions, making precision and reliability crucial. Plum Duo is designed to hit these critical challenges head-on.

  • Infusion Therapy Solutions
    Eliminate head-height hassle with easy container placement

    Because Plum Duo isn’t vulnerable to the effects of gravity, nurses can create an organized workspace by hanging infusion containers where it makes sense without the burden of remembering a pump’s bag height requirements. Plum Duo can also deliver secondaries from a syringe, enabling added operational flexibility.

  • Reduce confusion and clutter by using fewer pumps and fewer lines

    Each Plum Duo can simultaneously deliver up to four compatible medications at independent rates, reducing the need for additional pumps and conserving valuable space.

    And because you're delivering multiple medications through a single line, you can reduce the number of lines connected to the patient, leading to a more organized and streamlined infusion setup.

  • Infusion Therapy Solutions
    Enhance patient care with uninterrupted infusions

    For your most critically ill patients, medication delays aren't an option. Plum Duo's efficient design and intuitive user interface enable you to program new medications and address alarms quickly and easily.

    The direct connection of the secondary line to the Plum cassette lets the system notify the nurse right away of a closed secondary clamp, while a built-in unique air trap captures up to 1 mL of air before alarming, helping to reduce disruptive air-in-line alarms.

Blending award-winning legacy with modern innovation

With six generations and thirty years of proven technology, interoperability-ready Plum Duo builds on the award-winning legacy of Plum 360, rated the top-performing IV smart pump six years in a row. Plum Duo is also compatible with all of ICU Medical’s comprehensive portfolio of PlumSet cassettes featuring industry-leading Clave technology.

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Intended Use: The Plum Duo infusion pump is intended for parenteral fluids and medications through clinically acceptable routes (limited to intravenous, intra-arterial, and subcutaneous therapies).The Plum Duo infusion pump is intended for use in clinical environments in the hospital environment and other outpatient healthcare facilities by licensed healthcare professionals. These healthcare professionals are trained in the use of the infusion pump and the administration of therapies consistent with the intended use.The Plum Duo Infusion System is intended for adult, pediatric (including infants and children), and neonatal patient populations.

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