Medfusion 4000

Wireless Syringe Infusion Pump

A trusted syringe pump for your small volume needs

Get precise delivery for all your small-volume infusions

When you need to care for the most vulnerable patients who can only accept tiny fluid volumes, you need a syringe pump that is designed for your specialized needs. Medfusion is trusted among the top pediatric, specialty and adult hospitals because of its ease of use, design for specific care areas and populations, and precise medication delivery.

For the most fragile, vulnerable, and tiniest patients, precision matters.

  • Delivery accuracy: Nominal +/-2% with an infusion rate range of 0.01 mL/hr to 1130 mL/hr
  • Comprehensive portfolio of categorized syringe sizes (including enteral) from 1 mL to 60 mL allowing you to select the smallest compatible syringe size necessary to deliver the fluid or medication
  • Horizontal syringe delivery design helps to ensure precise and accurate delivery with nurse-controlled manual loading

Intuitive workflow designed to enhance safety with simple, easy-to-use features including:

  • Large display screen for visualization
  • Numeric keypad for programming
  • Custom-configured profiles for care areas
  • Default into the drug library
  • Quick Library feature
  • Programmable flush feature to ensure the remaining drug is delivered at the ordered rate
  • FlowSentry technology monitors and analyzes delivery pressure for earlier clinical intervention
  • Reduced start-up delay (lag time) from programming to delivery of a critical infusion
  • MRI Conditional

Technology that helps to improve outcomes

Wireless connectivity with the PharmGuard Server enables:

  • Updates to the drug library and pump software without physically handling the pumps
  • In-depth reports that guide actionable insights
  • Integration capabilities with EMR (auto documentation) and RTLS vendors

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