Nuitiv Clear

Needlefree Connector

Designed to be universally compatible with a range of male luer technologies, including emergency glass syringes and luer-slip connections.

Not available for sale in the U.S.

Designed to help safely access a range of luer connections

The Nuitiv Clear needlefree connector helps you safely access and deliver IV medications with a range of luer connections, including those with narrow diameters such as emergency glass syringes and other narrow slip-luer connections.

Nuitiv Product Specifications1

  • Gravity Flow Rate (ISO 10555-5 Annex B) 108 mL/min
  • Power Injector Compatible (up to 325 psi, 10 mL/sec)
  • Compatible with 70% IPA and 2% Chlorhexidine Solutions
  • Does Not Contain PVC, DEHP, Latex or Metal
  • Lipid Compatible
  • Compatible with the following oncolytics: Busulfan, Paclitaxel and Etoposide
  • Low Priming Volume (0.06 mL)
  • Blood Compatible
  • Validated to Withstand 700 Activations
  • MRI Compatible

Product Details

Available in Multiple Configurations


Nuitiv Connector


14 cm (5.5") Smallbore Ext Set w/Nuitiv, Clamp, Rotating Luer


14 cm (5.5") Smallbore Bifuse Ext Set w/2 Nuitiv, 2 Clamps, Rotating Luer


14 cm (5.5") Smallbore Bifuse Ext Set w/2 Nuitiv, 2 Check Valves, 2 Clamps, Rotating Luer


14 cm (5.5") Smallbore Trifuse Ext Set w/3 Nuitiv, 3 Clamps, Rotating Luer


15 cm (6") Smallbore Trifuse Ext Set w/3 Nuitiv, 3 Check Valves, 3 Clamps, Rotating Luer


15 cm (6") Smallbore Quadfuse Ext Set w/4 Nuitiv, 4 Clamps, Rotating Luer

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