Compounding Workflow System

Accurate, safe, and efficient automated drug compounding technology

  • Remotely verify compounding procedures
  • Maximize patient safety by avoiding wrong drug errors
  • Comply with hazardous drug safe handling guidelines
  • Avoid reconfiguring your cleanroom to incorporate automation


Maximize efficiency and safety by remotely verifying every mix without having to gown up and enter the cleanroom

Diana is the first and only system to combine both automated compounding and IV workflow technologies with wireless pharmacist notification to let you remotely verify each preparation on a handheld tablet display. Integrated high-definition cameras let you visualize the workflow for faster, more accurate high-volume compounding, while closed system components help you comply with USP <800> guidelines.

Scalable workflow system for maximum flexibility:

The Diana system consists of technician and pharmacist tablets that communicate wirelessly between each other and the automated compounding module to maximize workflow efficiency.


The Diana system will change the way you look at the compounding process

  • Remotely Verify Each Mix

    Integrated cameras allow you to remotely verify both automated and manual compounding.
  • Avoid Wrong Drug Errors

    Automatically compare the patient order with the scanned or photographed drug vial barcode.
  • Comply With Safe Handling Guidelines

    Comply with USP <800> guidelines using proven CSTD components.
  • Avoid Reconfiguring Your Cleanroom

    Compact, lightweight design easily fits in as small as a three-foot hood.

Step 1: Scan Patient Order

Scan the barcode on the patient order to get data into the Diana system and provide order traceability

Step 2: Capture Drug Information

Photograph or scan the medication barcode to identify the drug and match to the order

Step 3: Transfer Fluid

Initiate automated fluid transfer and photographic recording of the preparation

Step 4: Remotely Verify

Review preparation photos and data outside the cleanroom and remotely verify the mix.

Step 5: Archive Data

Automatically record each preparation for easy reporting and archiving for traceability

An efficient automated compounding workflow that doesn’t slow you down

Cost-Effectively Comply with USP <800> Safe Handling Guidelines

The Diana Compounding workflow system integrates ICU Medical's proven Chemolock needlefree CSTD components at every connection point to minimize hazardous drug exposure and help you cost-effectively comply with the United States Pharmacopeial Convention's USP Chapter <800> CSTD guidelines.

Chemolock proven CTSD components minimize exposure to hazardous drugs with intuitive "click to lock" technology that fits seamlessly into your workflow

Improve efficiency when filling ambulatory pump cassettes.

Diana can easily and automatically remove air and transfer drug, taking the physical stress away from technicians.

℞ Only. For safe and proper use, refer to the instructions for use.

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