Needlefree Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD)

The first needlefree CSTD to receive FDA 510(k) clearance for both pharmacy compounding (ONB) and patient administration (FPA) applications. 

  • Prevents the escape of hazardous drug or vapor concentrations
  • Blocks the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system
  • Eliminates needlestick injuries while minimizing hazardous drug exposure


One Click Is All It Takes to minimize exposure to hazardous drugs and maintain the sterility of the patient mix.

With the ChemoLock needlefree CSTD, it has never been easier to keep yourself safe from exposure to hazardous drugs.

Treating cancer patients takes compassion—it shouldn’t take a toll on your health. But the fact is, while chemotherapy is the backbone of medical oncology, these powerful medications—along with many others—are extremely toxic to the clinicians who handle them. Prolonged exposure to hazardous drug vapors, drips, or spills has been shown to lead to hair loss, skin rashes, infertility, miscarriages, birth defects, and even forms of cancer. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The system’s automatic self-sealing technology requires no cumbersome assembly, and the bonded components cannot be accidentally disconnected.

In response to the well-documented risks associated with handling hazardous drugs, ICU Medical has developed ChemoLock to create a needlefree mechanically and microbiologically closed system for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. ChemoLock’s intuitive and easy-to-use system locks with an audible click, ensuring a safe and secure connection has been made to minimize exposure to hazardous drugs and protect the patient preparation from external contamination.

  • Safely Prepare

    Stay safe and in compliance with recommended guidelines during the preparation of hazardous drugs thanks to the ChemoLock system’s mechanically and microbiologically closed needlefree system.
  • Safely Transport

    The ChemoLock system prevents leaks and spills during the transportation of hazardous drugs from pharmacy to nursing, while also protecting the sterility of the patient preparation.
  • Safely Administer

    The easy-to-use ChemoLock system helps you keep patients and clinicians safe without having to change standard nursing protocols.
  • Safely Dispose

    The ChemoLock system remains mechanically and microbiologically closed all the way through disposal, to help eliminate potential drug exposure to you or the environment.

Safe Handling Starts in the Pharmacy.

With the ChemoLock system’s breakthrough “click to lock” technology, you don’t have to sacrifice efficiency for patient and clinician safety.

In today’s fast-paced pharmacy environment, every second counts and every preparation has to be right. ChemoLock can help. That’s because ChemoLock’s simple and intuitive needlefree design allows the system to be accessed and sealed with a single motion, reducing the potential for insecure or unsafe connections that may jeopardize clinician and patient safety.

The needlefree, mechanically and microbiologically closed system fits seamlessly into your workflow to help you minimize exposure to hazardous medications during reconstitution and preparation, while simultaneously preventing any outside environmental contaminants from getting into the mix.

Safely Administer Hazardous Drugs to Your Patients.

With the ChemoLock system, there is no complex assembly required at the point of care for the system to remain closed throughout administration.

Keeping safe while administering hazardous drugs doesn’t need to be complicated. The ChemoLock system’s one-step, "click to lock" design ensures medication sterility, while eliminating the possibility of accidental disconnects that may result in dangerous exposure to hazardous drugs and increase the risk of central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI). This makes it easier to ensure compliance with safe handling guidelines while improving both nurse and patient safety in the process.

How it works

It’s a Snap to Choose the ChemoLock Components that are Right for You.

Since all ChemoLock components contain passive self-sealing mechanisms that cannot be deactivated by the user and remain protective from preparation through to disposal, it is easy for you to choose the combination of components that best meets your needs.

ChemoLock helps speed preparation times by eliminating the need to assemble multiple components.

The system snaps together with an audible click to ensure a safe and secure connection. Every time.

To maximize patient safety, ChemoLock maintains the sterility of the drug during transport from pharmacy to nursing.

  • An audible click lets you know you’ve made a safe and secure connection between the administration device and the patient line.
  • The ChemoLock system’s bonded components and locking mechanism
  • With the ChemoLock system’s intuitive design, you can focus on caring for patients rather than assembling
  • As a completely needlefree technology, the ChemoLock system ensures compliance with your facility’s

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