Get access to Clave™ IV connector technology in an extensive portfolio of procedure-ready sets

ICU Medical invented the first safety IV connector and has maintained technology leadership with the clinically-preferred1 Clave design, available in an extensive portfolio of infusion therapy sets.

Whether it's a general infusion, anesthesia, or specialty sets for the NICU and PICU, we can help reduce the risk of infection across a broad range of patient populations and clinical applications. 

Standardize on a single supplier for your infusion consumables

With ICU Medical, there's no need to settle for second best when it comes to IV consumables. We give you access to clinically-preferred Clave technology in the broadest offering of off-the-shelf IV sets tailored to a range of clinical needs. And as a full line IV therapy provider, we help you further optimize the supply chain by standardizing on a single supplier across your dedicated and nondedicated IV sets. 

Reduce SKUs by customizing sets to meet your specific clinical need

Don't see what you need in our standard catalog? No problem. We have the industry's most robust custom IV set capability, letting you avoid ordering multiple components and maximize shelf space while reducing needless packaging waste.

Tubing Options

Choose from multiple colors, large and small bore, and specified set lengths for distinct clinical applications.

Multiple Configurations

In addition to Clave connectors, choose rotating, fixed, or slip luer connections, clamp type and placement, drip chambers, 0.2 and 1.2 micron integrated filters and more.

Color-Coded Components

When line differentiation matters, choose our color-coded components from connector rings, IV tubing, and clamps designed to enhance patient safety and make your job easier.

  1. 2016 GHX market data on single-sterile sales of standalone needleless connectors and single-sterile sales of extension sets with needleless connectors. February 27, 2016.

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