Ambulatory Home Infusion System

Multi-therapy smart infusion system easy for everyday use

Designed to be easy to use and enable safe use at home

The CADD-Solis VIP ambulatory infusion pump helps support patient mobility with a small, portable design, easy-to-use interface, and intuitive help screens that assist with troubleshooting and can help reduce clinician visits. Color-coded screens provide instant status of therapy progress, while CADD reservoirs support medication security and free-flow protection of fluid delivery. With five versatile delivery modes, the CADD-Solis VIP ambulatory pump helps you provide infusion care from the comfort of home.

Intuitive Delivery
Status Screens

  • PCA

    Deliver continuous rate, PCA dose, or clinician bolus individually or in combination

  • Taper

    Plateau rate with optional tapering at the beginning and end

  • Intermittent

    Specific volume at a scheduled interval over a specified duration

  • Continuous

    Constant, programmed rate

  • Step

    Incremental rate increases from an initial rate to a specified maximum plateau rate for a total volume

Help Increase Patient Independence

Alarm help screens

On-pump alarm help screens assist with troubleshooting to help resolve alarm conditions with guided, on-screen instructions. These screens can help reduce clinician intervention and field visits and maintain infusion continuity.

Differentiated alarms

Differentiated alarms by color and sound with high (red), medium (amber) and low (blue) priority

On-pump reports

On-pump reports provide trending data and help with patient assessments

Easier for the Patient and the Nurse

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