Transpac IT

Integrated Pressure Transducer

Fully integrated pressure transducer combining a zeroing stopcock and combo flushing mechanism in an all-in-one, easy-to-use device

See how you can get the reliable blood pressure measurements you need to manage your critical patients with one easy-to-use device

Having access to dependable pressure transducers in the OR and ICU is critical. That’s why we offer the Transpac IT fully integrated pressure transducer, combining the stopcock and flushing mechanism in one easy-to-use device.

With its reduced fluid pathway, clear visibility, and integrated design, Transpac IT is the clear choice to manage your critical patients.

  • Identify air bubbles that may impede transducer performance with a clear fluid pathway.
  • Minimize the risk of transducer disconnections and air ingress with an integrated design.
  • Compatible with most currently available patient monitoring systems
  • Compatible with all existing Transpac IV accessories

Enhance patient safety and clinical efficiency with full visibility

Designed to enhance patient safety and improve ease of use, you'll find Transpac IT has fewer connections, fewer parts, and gives you more confidence and more convenience in one device.

ICU Medicals Transpac IT Pproduct

Get easy access to pressure monitoring where and how you need it

With its integrated design and clear fluid pathway, Transpac IT can help you enhance patient safety with increased visibility and fewer opportunities for disconnections. Available in multiple configurations, the Transpac IT is a convenient tool to help you manage your critical patients.

ICU Medicals Safeset product

SafeSet Blood Sampling System

Available with SafeSet, a closed, needlefree in-line blood sampling system that helps reduce blood waste

Specialty Configurations

Available in adult, neonatal, and pediatric monitoring kits

Color-Coded Components

Color-coded single, double, and triple pressure monitoring kits are designed to enhance patient safety and help reduce line confusion.

Transpac IT is compliant with the following global standards

  • IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IEC), 60601-2-34 (Third Edition): 2011
  • American National Standards/Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation, “Blood Pressure Transducers," ANSI/AAMI BP22-1994

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