SACETT Suction-Above-Cuff Endotracheal Tube

SACETT Suction-Above-Cuff Endotracheal Tube

The Portex SACETT tracheal tubes are intended for oral intubation only for airway management of patients anticipated to require prolonged mechanical ventilation in critical care units.

The product may be inserted in the
emergency room or pre-hospital to avoid the need for re-intubation.

SACETT's dorsal suction lumen allows drainage by continuous or intermittent suctioning of contaminated mucous and subglottic secretions that accumulate above the cuff.

Ordering Information

Box quantity: 10
Shelf life: 5 years

Product Benefits

  • Thermosensitive materials with sufficient initial rigidity for intubation which then conforms to the individual patient’s respiratory tract at body temperature ensuring minimum trauma.
  • Radio-opaque Blue Line to confirm correct tube placement by X-Ray.
  • An intubation depth mark above the cuff is provided as a guide for correct placement of the tube.
  • Inverted Tracheal Profile SOFT-SEAL cuff design.
  • A blue inflation line and pilot balloon with integral Luer check valve for inflating, deflating and monitoring the cuff.
  • A suction lumen incorporating a dorsal suction hole located above the cuff.
  • A clear suction line with a yellow stripe and a yellow capped suction connector, facilitating connection to suction devices.
  • Portex SACETT is packed with a 15mm connector which is compatible with connectors conforming to ISO 5356.
  • Product is sterile unless the unit pack is opened or damaged.

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Specifications / Ordering Information

SACETT Suction-above-Cuff Endotracheal Tube

Reorder Code ID OD Cuff Resting Diameter
100/189/060 6.0 mm 9.1 mm 23.0 mm
100/189/065 6.5 mm 9.7 mm 23.0 mm
100/189/070 7.0 mm 10.4 mm 30.0 mm
100/189/075 7.5 mm 11.3 mm 30.0 mm
100/189/080 8.0 mm 11.8 mm 30.0 mm
100/189/085 8.5 mm 12.3 mm 30.0 mm
100/189/090 9.0 mm 13.0 mm 30.0 mm

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