ICU Medical MedNet

Safety Software

Helping You Minimize IV Drug Errors and Increase Patient Safety

  • How much safer would your patients be if you could prevent drug errors?
  • How much safer would they be if you knew what corrective actions could help prevent future errors?


The Cure for What Ails Your Drug Infusion Therapy.

As a frontline clinician, your patients’ well-being means everything to you. Infusion therapy is only one of the many important tasks on your plate in caring for your patients. Think how valuable bedside guidance would be to help you more safely administer infusion therapy.

Nurses complete an average of 72.3 tasks per hour.1

As a hospital pharmacist, you want the right medication given in the right dosage over the right time. In many cases, it’s difficult to know how the medication is actually being administered. Imagine how many errors could be prevented if your pharmacy-approved guidelines were available at the bedside.

About two million hospital stays are affected each year by adverse drug events (ADEs).2

As a chief nursing officer (CNO), you need to maximize efficiencies to sustain healthcare reform and remain competitive. However, with limited visibility to infusion performance documentation, it can be difficult to drive continuous quality improvement (CQI). Consider the power of being able to drive clinical best practices, while protecting your hospital’s reputation and bottom line.

ADEs prolong hospital stays by 1.7 to 4.6 days.2

  • Help inoculate patients from errors.

    Mistakes happen. But ICU Medical MedNet safety software can help prevent them. It alerts you to hard/soft and upper/lower limits, enhancing patient safety and clinician peace of mind.
  • Infuse your decisions with relevant data.

    Gain 20/20 visibility into your medication practice. ICU Medical MedNet Performance Reports provide a powerful dose of actionable data to optimize drug libraries and empower your staff to advance best practices.
  • Provide a lifeline to information.

    Get the relevant data you need, where and when you need it— at the bedside and beyond. Wireless technology seamlessly connects the drug library to your infusion devices, creating a gap-free safety net.
  • Revitalize workflows.

    Recoup time from slow manual processes. Smart pump programming and infusion documentation with ICU Medical’s full IV-EHR Integration solution, driven by ICU Medical MedNet safety software.

ICU Medical MedNet. Good for You. Good for Your Patients.

Optimal Drug Libraries, Optimal Bedside Guidance

Now you’re prepared to prevent drug errors at the bedside, thanks to ICU Medical MedNet’s highly customizable drug library that guides clinicians and helps to protect your patients.

Relevant Data to Drive Best Practices

ICU Medical MedNet Performance Reports automatically and wirelessly collect data directly from the pumps, so you’re informed on current practices and equipped with actionable data to drive change and improve performance.

Streamlined Processes

Work smarter, not harder with ICU Medical’s IV-EHR Interoperability solution. Reduce manual programming steps and allow pharmacy settings to flow directly into the pump. Automate documentation with all settings and changes reliably captured.

The Measurable Impact of
ICU Medical MedNet

Robust Drug Library

Clinical Care Areas/Medication Entries:

  • Plum 360™: 40/400

  • SapphirePlus™: 40/400

  • LifeCare PCA™: 18/25

Hard/Soft, Upper/Lower Limits for Each Entry – for greater patient safety.

Remote Hosting – software is housed at a secure data center, heightening the value of ICU Medical MedNet with a reliable alternative to traditional server hosting.

Real-Time Asset Tracking Application Integration – to locate, track, and manage devices.

ICU Medical MedNet Performance Reports – more than 20 different reports providing valuable, actionable data to give you visibility into clinical practice and an indication of how well your drug library is working.

Robust Wireless Capabilities – 
for continuous and secure communication within our system and with other healthcare systems.

Nurture Your Success.

When you implement ICU Medical MedNet safety software, you gain more than amazing software. You get the expertise of an entire team of nurses, pharmacists, IT specialists, field engineers, and project managers ready to serve and support you.

The many ways we can tend to your needs:

  • Implementation Services

    Our multidisciplinary team of clinical and technical experts work with you
    to understand your needs and requirements to get you up and running.

  • Clinical Services

    Highly valuable insight is provided with our data analysis and benchmarking,
    clinical product usage assessments gap analysis, clinical education and
    clinical implementation services.

  • Support Services

    Our dedicated support organization provides a wealth of knowledge,
    resources, and technical training opportunities to help you maximize the
    value of your ICU Medical infusion pump and patient safety software


  1. Westbrook J, Duffield C, Li L, Creswick NJ. How Much Time Do Nurses Have for Patients? A Longitudinal Study Quantifying Hospital Nurses’ Patterns of Task Time Distribution and Interactions with Health Professionals. BMC Health Services Research. 2011;11:319.
  2. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP). Health Care Quality and Patient Safety: Adverse Drug Events. (accessed June 28, 2017).