Get unmatched safety, efficiency, and interoperability in one connected IV system.

When it comes to IV therapy, patient safety is your first concern. We can help. With a system that features 2018 Best in KLAS Plum 360™ and LifeCare PCA™ IV pumps with ICU Medical MedNet™ safety software connecting you to more EHR vendors than anyone else, we can help you reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, streamline workflows, and maximize revenue capture.

We also give you unmatched data security backed by the industry’s first UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program certification. And our team of clinical and technical experts is here to provide you with customized configuration, implementation, and data analytics services to help you get the most out of your investment.

Download our new brochure to find out more about how ICU Medical IV Systems can help you enhance patient safety, improve clinical efficiency, advance clinical and IT practices, and maximize efficiency.

Infusion System

Plum 360

Get award-winning clinical performance with the 2018 and 2019 Best in KLAS infusion system, featuring industry-leading cybersecurity and complete IV-EHR interoperability, helping you reduce medication errors and increase patient safety. 

Patient-Controlled Analgesia Infusion System

LifeCare PCA

Your patients can rest assured with our patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) IV system, designed for patient safety with a built-in barcode reader, prefilled syringes, and more.

Safety Software

ICU Medical MedNet

An IV medication management platform that helps you minimize IV drug errors and increase patient safety.

Smart Pump Programming

IV-EHR Interoperability

Make your smart pumps an extension of your EHR to improve IV safety and efficiency.

Infusion System


Easy to handle, fast to set up, and ready for the future with easy software upgrades.

Infusion System for Acute Care


Unique patented technology, innovative design, and intuitive touch screen, the Sapphire pump helps you deliver exceptional care.

Infusion System for Home Care


Designed to meet your home infusion needs, the Sapphire infusion system helps you deliver exceptional care.

Syringe Pump


Simple, compact syringe pump technology designed for the safe and efficient delivery of 3cc–60cc syringes.

Infusion Pumps

Pump Accessories

Infusion Pump Accessories