Male-Luer Disinfecting Cap

Helping you protect a loose end in infection control

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A simple way to protect your disconnected IV lines

SwabTip is a male-luer disinfecting cap that covers the entire open male luer, disinfecting the luer with seventy percent isopropyl alcohol while providing a physical barrier to protect the internal luer threads.1 SwabTip works fast, disinfecting the male luer in just 30 seconds and providing continuous protection for up to four days if not removed.2,3

Dispensed from a convenient foil strip that can hang from any IV pole, you can get easy access to male luer disinfection where and when you need it. 

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Model # Description Strips/Case Strips/Box Caps/Strip Case Quantity (Caps)
SWTP-5 Disinfecting Caps for Male Luers 200 50 5 1000

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