Declaration for California Compliance Law


Declaration for California Compliance Law

ICU Medical, Inc. is committed to conducting its business ethically and in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations. ICU Medical has developed a comprehensive compliance program to encourage adherence to applicable statutes, regulations and requirements of the federal healthcare programs and to provide specific guidance to employees (within our Code of Conduct and Business Ethics Policy).

Effective as of the date of this Declaration, to our knowledge and based upon a good faith understanding of the applicable statutory requirements, ICU Medical is in compliance, in all material respects, with such comprehensive compliance program, as described here, and with California Health and Safety Code sections 119400-119402 as they may apply to a medical device company.

Copies of this Declaration and information about ICU Medical's Compliance Policies may be obtained by calling 949-366-2183 (request the Legal and Compliance Department).

Dated: May 01, 2019