Are your hazardous drug safety practices just "good enough?"

Hazardous drug regulations have evolved, and that means your practice needs to do the same. But you're working to keep your current practices running, not looking to introduce another variable that could affect the continuity of care or clinical satisfaction.

How can you evolve with minimal disruption and at the same time improve safety, efficiency, and financial sustainability?

That's where we come in. With the ICU Medical Hazardous Drug Delivery Assessment, you can:

  • Spot missed opportunities for improvements and compliance
  • Make changes that address bigger-picture efficiencies and costs
  • Use data-backed insights to improve safety, save time, and save money

See What's Possible

When hazardous drug delivery processes meet the evolving complexities of care, financial pressures, and new USP requirements, it becomes challenging for busy healthcare facilities to balance safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

The Hazardous Drug Delivery assessment is a unique collaboration between you and our clinical experts to help identify, improve, and align processes and get you back to the business of safe and efficient hazardous medication delivery. 

Begin with Balance

Synchronizing multiple care areas and ensuring efficient workflows can help protect people, reduce time spent preparing infusions, and promote shortened chair time.

The Hazardous Drug Delivery assessment can help align the critical safety connection between the pharmacy and nursing, streamline hazardous drug treatment across the entire infusion therapy journey, and uncover individualized insights to control costs along the hazardous drug continuum. 

Keep Collaboration at the Core

Collaboration is at the heart of the Hazardous Drug Delivery assessment and helps our team understand your current hazardous drug delivery processes, systems, and facility goals.

From initial blood draw to preparation, transport, administration, and disposal, we review where you are now and how to position for where you want to be.

Uncover Meaningful Insights

We meet with each unit involved in the hazardous drug delivery process to help us synchronize individual department needs with overarching hospital goals.

Current processes and products are scrutinized to determine if they align with your goals, enabling us to provide insights and strategies to help support improved safety, efficiency, and cost savings for your facility.

A Map for the Road Ahead

Together, we'll create a report of findings that provides improvement recommendations to enhance the safety and delivery of hazardous drugs.

Innovative, creative ways to streamline workflows, align key departments, and control costs are uncovered.

And you receive the support of ICU Medical as your partner for guidance on safe and efficient hazardous drug management beyond the assessment.

Let's get started, together.

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