ICU Medical MedNet

IV Medication Safety Software

Delivering a platform for safe care while empowering you to improve patient outcomes

  • Comprehensive, flexible drug library
  • Full IV-EHR interoperability
  • Industry-leading cybersecurity


Our Integrated Platform Lets You Connect Smarter and Care Safer

ICU Medical MedNet is an enterprise-class IV medication management platform for any sized healthcare system that can help you reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, streamline workflows, and maximize revenue capture. ICU Medical MedNet is the vital link that connects our industry-leading IV smart pumps to your electronic health records (EHR), asset tracking system, and alarm notification platform with the largest array of integration partners.

As an integrated and scalable system, ICU Medical MedNet gives you the confidence to integrate infusion therapy the way you provide care. By focusing on patient safety with simple, customizable workflows, ICU Medical MedNet helps you enhance patient safety, improve clinical efficiency, maximize profitability, and advance clinical and IT best practices, providing you with an unmatched level of clinical flexibility. 

Safely accommodate your workflows and minimize medication errors

Maximizing the safety of IV medication delivery starts with drug library compliance. With ICU Medical MedNet, you automatically default into the drug library upon care area selection to assure hard and soft limits are used, improving compliance and maximizing IV medication safety. A comprehensive drug library gives you the flexibility and granularity to meet the needs of varied patient populations, with predefined drug library settings that help ensure medication administration safety.

Flexible drug library

ICU Medical MedNet has expansive options for medications and care areas. When coupled with the ability to support up to 119 individual dosing units, that means you can deliver and document medications as ordered while preserving your existing care areas and rule sets. 

The flexibility of the drug library helps to simplify workflows and even gives you the ability to change care areas on a running infusion. Transferring from MedSurg to the ICU is a delicate effort. Waiting for a pump to reboot should not be part of it.

Maximized IV medication safety with unmatched drug library compliance

To limit redundancy in pharmacy workload and help ensure consistent safety, ICU Medical MedNet supports both the Plum 360 and the LifeCare PCA with the master drug library list. With the Plum 360, safety limits can be defined for 40 different care areas with up to 400 medications per care area, allowing precise refinement of IV parameters, while the flexibility in the library allows for the administration of drugs that might otherwise not be properly documented and monitored.

With ICU Medical MedNet IV safety software, your programming sequence automatically starts in the drug library, helping to ensure compliance of 98% with Plum 360 and 100% with LifeCare PCA.1

Reporting and Analytics

Tailored reporting and analytics give you accurate, actionable data to drive clinical and financial best practices 

ICU Medical MedNet is the heart of your IV medication management system and an easily accessed source for all pump activity logging and analysis. It is not just a server—it is safety software and so much more—providing you with rich data that you own, offering in-depth insights that are meaningful to your hospital’s specific goals. 

Comprehensive clinical reports

ICU Medical MedNet Performance Reportsgive you readily accessible information to highlight compliance, support quality initiatives, and better understand infusion practices.

Flexible dashboards

Members of the care team can monitor infusion status away from the bedside to help inform clinical decision-making and enhance care.

Collaborative executive
data analytics

Our analysts are your ongoing partners to develop actionable insights from your data to drive changes that will help safeguard your patients and caregivers.

Robust reporting and dashboards that assist you in assessing your operational efficiencies, clinical practices, fleet management, and medication safety

Connecting to a rich database of clinical activity opens up a new view to improving patient care. We pride ourselves on helping you to make the most of your data as well as delivering customized analysis—all based on your goals. Our pharmacy and nursing consultants can provide custom reports to drive improved clinical outcomes and benchmark your facilities against national performance metrics. We are there for you every step of the way.

A direct link between your pumps and your EHR

Complete IV-EHR interoperability helps you reduce medication errors by stopping problems before they start

ICU Medical MedNet is the direct link between your pumps and your EHR. Programming an infusion directly from the EHR populates pharmacy-verified orders on the pump, reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic dosing errors while delivering cost savings and clinical improvements. Nurses using integrated IV pumps have greater confidence in the care they deliver by integrating complex workflows such as programming over a running infusion, including titrations, and secondary bags or syringes (both piggyback and concurrent).

ICU Medical MedNet is the first enterprise platform to deliver all four interoperability profiles

True IV-EHR interoperability is more than a one-way conversation—and ICU Medical MedNet is the first system to provide all four essential IHE interoperability profiles. We give you a direct path from physician order to the pump, near real-time documentation for decision-making and charge capture, the ability to forward alarms to clinicians away from the bedside, and real-time visibility into your pumps’ locations and statuses. 

Recognized leadership and experience in IV-EHR interoperability drives nurse confidence and customer satisfaction 

With more than a decade of real-world IV-EHR interoperability in some of the most demanding clinical environments, we’ve learned what it takes to successfully integrate your IV medication delivery systems to your EHR and alarm forwarder to provide tangible clinical and financial benefits. And we’re ready to put that experience to work for you. 

Giving you workflows recognized by KLAS and complete IV-EHR interoperability with more EHR vendors than anyone else 

Our diverse experience in integration brings unique approaches to solving clinical challenges. With more EHR and interoperability partners than anyone in the industry, we can help you learn from other hospitals’ experiences to maximize success.

ICU Medical MedNet helps you maximize ROI with infusion documentation to deliver charge capture

From physician order entry to primary and secondary infusions, ICU Medical MedNet facilitates accurate IV medication charge capture for nursing time required to oversee an infusion. You have accurate, actionable information that provides definitive billing documentation for reimbursement of all your infusions. 


Industry-leading cybersecurity that keeps your data safer

At ICU Medical, we take the integrity and safety of your data seriously. As the first medical device manufacturer to earn Underwriter Laboratory (UL) Cybersecurity Assurance Program certification, we continue to invest in securing our medication safety products. This dedication requires the active monitoring of issues facing our industry, proactive customer communication, collaboration at research events, and ongoing penetration testing.

Defense by design

The landscape of cybersecurity requirements in healthcare is constantly evolving, and we remain committed to leading the way in collaboration with recognized leaders in security. Because of this commitment, we believe you will not find a company with a stronger profile of cybersecurity commitment. 

All of your infusion data is secured at all times, whether it is at rest on the system or in transit between your pumps and your EHR. To provide further security against data breaches, no identifiable patient data is stored on the pump itself, rather it is managed centrally and securely by the ICU Medical MedNet software. Every aspect of the system is hardened against access and attack, and we are continually assessing and updating these defenses as new threats are discovered. 

Certified to UL 2900-1 (Plum 360) and 2900-2-1 (Plum 360, ICU Medical MedNet)

The Plum 360 is the first medical device to earn UL Cybersecurity Assurance Program (UL CAP) UL 2900-1 and UL 2900-2-1 certifications, and ICU Medical MedNet is the first IV medication safety software to earn UL 2900-2-1. These certifications help us minimize risk by requiring standardized and testable criteria for assessing software vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This in turn helps reduce exploitation, address known malware, enhance security controls, and expand security awareness.

Certified compliant with Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 (Plum 360)

In addition to being compliant with cybersecurity standards required by the Veterans Affairs in the US and Canada, we also actively participate in the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, a division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to help develop a comprehensive cybersecurity practice guide for medical devices.

℞ Only. For safe and proper use of this device, please refer to the appropriate manual.


1 ICU Medical Inc., Data on File.