Hemodynamic Monitoring Sensor

Accurate and reliable minimally invasive access to your critically ill patients’ hemodynamic status.

  • Delivers accurate and reliable hemodynamic monitoring data.
  • Provides cost-effective monitoring without sacrificing quality.
  • Available with SafeSet blood conservation system.


PulseCO is a registered trademark of LiDCO Ltd., London, UK


CardioFlo Cardiac Output Monitoring Sensors

Get the minimally invasive,
beat-to-beat monitoring you need for your critically ill patients.

The minimally invasive CardioFlo Sensor works with the Cogent 2-in-1 hemodynamic monitoring system to measure cardiac output (CO), as well as other dynamic flow parameters, using the PulseCO™ Autocorrelation Algorithm. Simply connect CardioFlo to an existing arterial line to continuously assess the hemodynamic status of your critically ill patients in ICU and OR settings.

Benefits of Using the CardioFlo Sensor


  • The PulseCO Autocorrelation Algorithm analyzes an arterial pressure waveform to calculate continuous hemodynamic variables and has been clinically proven to be the most reliable arterial pressure-based method for hemodynamic assessment.1

  • PulseCO has remained consistent since its release in 2001, and its accuracy and efficiency is supported by roughly 100 papers and published abstracts covering a broad range of surgical and nonsurgical patients.


  • Our proven hemodynamic monitoring technology has been providing clinicians with accurate and reliable measurements for more than 30 years.

  • The CardioFlo Sensor exceeds accuracy and reliability requirements set by the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).


  • The CardioFlo Sensor gives you greater insight to your patients’ preload status and response to fluids with multiple dynamic flow parameters, including stroke volume (SV), stroke volume variation (SVV), and pulse pressure variation (PPV).


  • CardioFlo offers significant cost savings over the currently available minimally invasive sensors without sacrificing accuracy and reliability.


℞ Only. For safe and proper use of this device, please refer to the appropriate manual.
†PulseCO is a registered trademark of LiDCO Ltd., London, UK

  1. Evidence-Based Summary: The Demonstrated Clinical Efficacy of the PulseCO™ Algorithm in Assessing and Managing Hemodynamic Status and Changes. ICU Medical Inc., 2015.

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