Congratulations, you've found Nursing Nirvana.

Or what we call the new Plum Duo infusion system with LifeShield IV safety software.

In this powerful, user-friendly design, we’ve packed a modern, intuitive interface together with the proven medication delivery of the Best in KLAS Plum 360, creating easy-to-use infusion technology that does what it’s supposed to, when it’s supposed to, in a reliable, secure manner. 

Then again, it was designed with nurses, for nurses. And who knows better than you how to make your job more peaceful? 

Nursing Nirvana Hero

Learn more about truly enlightened infusion technology.

  • Dual-Channel Large Volume Pump
    Plum Duo

    Clinician-driven, dual-channel design that blends ease of use with proven Plum 360 medication delivery and safety

  • Infusion Safety Software

    Cutting-edge unified software that fosters seamless collaboration, rapid data access, and operational efficiency

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