Prevent Misconnects

Infusion Therapy

We can help you eliminate the risk of accidentally connecting oxygen or enteral feeding tubes to your IV sets.

The Challenge

The misconnection of enteral feeding tubes, respiratory gas, or pressurized air lines to patient IV lines is a serious and potentially fatal error.

Recent concerns regarding the ability to inadvertently attach enteral and oxygen tubing lines to needlefree connectors have prompted healthcare facilities to take action and utilize infusion devices that prevent such misconnects from occurring.

Our Solution

All of our needlefree vascular access devices are incompatible with enteral feeding tube connectors.

Enteral Connection Test: MicroClave
Enteral Tubing Brand Attach Flow
Abbott Nutrition (52048) No No
Corpak (20-1007) No No
Sherwood David & Geck (773667) No No
Tyco Kendall (8884702500) No No
Viasys (20-2513) No No
Corpak (20-2013) No No

Additionally, the unique design of these needlefree connectors inhibits the flow of oxygen if an oxygen tube sleeve is inappropriately and forcibly applied to the device, helping to eliminate the possibility of a deadly air embolism.

Oxygen Connection Test: MicroClave
Oxygen Tubing Brand Attach Flow
Cardinal (001305GRN) Yes No
Invacare (MS4121) Yes No
Salter Labs (2002) Yes No

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