Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

Infusion Therapy

Custom IV sets provide cost-efficient solutions to meet your facility needs.

The Challenge

In this era of economic constraint, it is essential that healthcare facilities maximize both clinical and economic efficiencies.

It is common practice for clinicians to open and connect multiple IV sets, or assemble multiple IV components to achieve a desired set configuration. This unnecessary burden contributes to wasted time and money. Assembling multiple sets inevitably leads to unutilized or wasted components. Additionally, these extra IV sets and components consume much needed storage space.

Our Solution

Why settle for stock IV sets when ICU Medical lets you create your own custom configurations for your specific IV therapy needs?

Our custom IV set program allows facilities to maximize efficiencies by designing patient-ready sets, avoiding burdensome assembly of multiple sets and unnecessary storage of extra components. Clinicians can choose from thousands of clinically-proven component options to design the perfect set to meet a specific need. Whether consolidating existing sets, or designing a new set from the ground up, we prove that customization does not have to cost more.

Our custom set program allows you to:

  • Consolidate purchases and reduce SKUs.
  • Save time by avoiding assembly of multiple sets.
  • Receive detailed quotes in 72 hours.
  • Get non-sterile samples in one week, sterile samples in two weeks.
  • Eliminate minimum order requirements and long-term contracts when you order custom sets with standard components.

When it comes to custom IV sets, if you can draw it, we can build it.

With our patented system for developing custom sets, all components are pre-qualified and compatibility is assured. Simply choose from thousands of components to develop the set that's right for you. Available tubing and components include:

  • T-Connector and catheter extension sets
  • YDWBBag spikes and vial adapters
  • Minibore and Macrobore tubing
  • Closed drug delivery systems
  • Stopcocks and manifolds
  • High pressure tubing
  • Administration sets
  • Secondary IV sets
  • IV extension sets
  • Blood sets
  • IV filter sets
  • IV start kits

We can provide you a cost savings analysis in as little as one week to help you assess the savings up-front. All we need are your current item numbers and usages, and we will help you start saving!

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