Let us help you enhance patient safety and keep your shelves stocked

Since IV therapy is our only business, meeting your needs with a consistent supply of high-quality, clinically-differentiated IV therapy products is our only concern. That’s why when it comes to IV solutions and consumables—those essential products you use every day with virtually every patient—you can count on us to have your back.


Get Consistent IV Safety

With a full line of IV connectors, sets, and consumables designed to be intuitive and easy to use, we can help you standardize IV therapy throughout your facility.

Clinically-preferred IV connectors and IV sets

ICU Medical Clave™ needlefree IV connector technology is chosen more often than any other and can help keep your patients safe from infection risk while letting you standardize on a single connector technology wherever care is given.

Intuitive closed system transfer devices 

You can minimize exposure to hazardous drugs in the pharmacy and at the bedside, while complying with <USP> 800 with your choice of systems to meet your needs. Whether it's ChemoLock™, an easy-to-use “click to lock” CSTD, or ChemoClave™, an intuitive luer-based CSTD, we can help you keep healthcare workers safe from preparation to administration.

Peripheral IV catheters and disinfecting caps

With peripheral IV catheters (PIVCs) and disinfecting caps that help you standardize disinfection protocols to round things out, ICU Medical’s full line of IV consumables has you covered.

When you combine our IV consumables with our award-winning IV smart pumps and safety software, we can supply you with an end-to-end IV offering to meet your every need.

Award-winning IV systems

Reduce medication errors and increase patient safety with Plum 360™, the smart infusion system ranked by KLAS two years in a row as providing the broadest clinical impact.

Help put drug errors to rest

ICU Medical MedNet is an enterprise-class IV medication management platform for any sized healthcare system that can help you reduce medication errors, improve quality of care, streamline workflows, and maximize revenue capture.

Get Consistent IV Solutions Supply

IV solutions are the lifeblood of your IV therapy operations. You simply cannot afford to be out of stock of these mission-critical products. Lives depend on it.

Smarter manufacturing and logistics

With ICU Medical, you can have peace of mind knowing your IV solutions will be available where and when you need them. That’s because, unlike other manufacturers, our IV solutions are produced in two US plants, far from disaster-prone areas known for earthquakes or hurricanes. And because we don’t rely on overseas shipping, we can deliver to anywhere in the US in just one to two days.

When hurricane damage contributed to critical IV solution shortages, and some suppliers struggled to produce and get product ashore, we invested heavily in quality systems and state-of-the-art manufacturing, right here in your own backyard.

Contract terms that put you in the driver's seat

Now, with substantial capacity and a demonstrated quality track record, ICU Medical is ready to grow with you today. Our flexible contracting program includes added guarantees around supply and a cost-effective path to upgrade your IV technology to industry-leading clinical innovations.

When you partner with ICU Medical, you get the right-sized partner you can trust to provide ready access to essential products that help you deliver the quality of care your patients deserve, without breaking the bank. 

Let us help you stay safe and supplied

Why settle for less? Upgrade to IV consumables and solutions from the industry leader in clinical innovations and get the peace of mind of reliable supply.

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