Needlefree Closed Systems and Closed System Transfer Devices (CSTDs)

The world's first needlefree closed systems and closed system transfer devices for the safe handling of hazardous drugs.

  • Needlefree system assures compliance with safe handling policies.
  • Easy-to-use system requires no assembly of components.
  • ChemoClave CSTDs generate less biohazardous waste than other CSTDs.
  • Lowest cost to implement.


The Most Cost-Effective Way to Start Protecting Yourself Today

With the lowest cost to implement, ChemoClave makes the decision to start improving IV medication safety a whole lot easier.

We know that the cost of implementing a CSTD into clinical practice can be a deciding factor in the purchasing process. That’s why we developed the ChemoClave needlefree CSTD to not only help you minimize hazardous drug exposure and maximize medication safety, but to do so while costing less to implement than any other commercially available CSTD.1 The ChemoClave CSTD is comprised of a selection of vial adapters that mechanically prohibit the transfer and escape of environmental contaminants, as well as needlefree bag spikes and primary add-on and administration sets.

ChemoClave maintains a needlefree closed system to help you minimize exposure to
hazardous drugs and comply with recommended safe handling guidelines.

The easy-to-use ChemoClave system maintains a needlefree mechanically and microbiologically closed system to eliminate the potential for dangerous needlestick injuries while helping keep clinicians safe from exposure to hazardous drugs. ChemoClave also generates less biohazardous waste than competing systems and helps keep you and your patients safe during every step of the hazardous drug handling process.

Used in conjunction with other safety precautions, ChemoClave helps keep you in compliance with OSHA, NIOSH, ASHP, ISOPP, ONS, APHON, and USP <800> & <797>

  • Safely Prepare

    The ChemoClave system maintains a mechanically and microbiologically closed needlefree system during the preparation of hazardous drugs to help keep you safe and comply with recommended guidelines.
  • Safely Transport

    By maintaining a closed system, ChemoClave helps you prevent leaks and spills during the transport of hazardous drugs from pharmacy to nursing.
  • Safely Administer

    The ChemoClave system makes it safer for you and your patients by preventing accidental disconnects to minimize drug exposure without having to change any standard nursing protocols.
  • Safely Dispose

    The ChemoClave system remains mechanically and microbiologically closed all the way through disposal to eliminate potential drug exposure to you or the environment.


  1. Connor TH, McDiarmid MA. Preventing occupational exposures to antineoplastic drugs in health care settings. CA Cancer J Clin 2006; 56: 354-365.

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