Infusion Start/Stop Time Reporting

ICU Medical SQL Data Viewer

Capture infusion start/stop time data to improve your charge capture opportunities

  • Comprehensive infusion reporting for reimbursements
  • Easy-to-use configurable software tool
  • Flexible and customizable settings to help meet your needs

Increase Profitability with Improved Revenue Capture

Keeping track of infusion start and stop times necessary for reimbursements can be challenging. ICU Medical can help. Introducing ICU Medical SQL Data Viewer, an easy-to-use software tool that, when combined with ICU Medical Data Broker(patient-pump association) and ICU Medical MedNetsoftware, can help you accurately document and review infusions. You can use this information to provide definitive billing documentation for reimbursement of all your infusions.

Easy Software Integration

User-Friendly Interface

Review and Capture Infusion Data with a User-Friendly Interface

A small-sized hospital can capture an additional

$800K a year in CMS reimbursements

when using ICU Medical SQL Data Viewer*

Start/Stop Time Reporting

  • >  Increase revenue opportunities with charge capture reports that capture infusion start/stop times and other information needed to submit for reimbursement
  • >  Customizable and flexible to work within your existing reimbursement practices

Capture More Accurate Infusion Data to Help Improve Documentation and Reimbursement

At ICU Medical, we understand that capturing accurate start and stop times for infusions is challenging but also critical when it comes to reimbursements. That’s why we offer SQL Data Viewer, an easy-to-use software tool that, when combined with ICU Medical Data Broker (patient-pump association), helps you minimize lost reimbursement revenue to maximize charge capture.

  • >   Improved Revenue Capture
  • SQL Data Viewer presents detailed patient infusion information in a comprehensive report
  • >   Increased Infusion Visibility
  • ICU Medical Data Broker creates a patient-pump association that links detailed infusion information to your patients

* Calculation by ICU Medical and derived from data of a hospital with 31,000 emergency department visits and 2,800 observation patients a year, where 45% of patients qualified for CMS reimbursements, and patient records prior to ICU Medical SQL Data Viewer were 60% complete.