Infusion System for Home Care

Designed to meet your home infusion needs, the Sapphire infusion system helps you deliver exceptional care.

  • Rugged, reliable construction
  • Delivers precise infusing at ±2.5% accuracy
  • Tailored for home care



Based on a unique, patented technology that delivers precise infusing at ± 2.5% accuracy, the Sapphire pump also features a touch screen that makes it easy to program, so that only relevant keystroke options are presented on-screen. And, keeping an eye on the future, the software-focused design enables software updates and upgrades via the internet, providing excellent opportunity for growth.


The Sapphire ambulatory infusion system has been designed to meet the new home care standards. Rugged, reliable construction makes the Sapphire pump a solid, sturdy performer.

  • Lexan case: withstands rigorous drop testing, for handling in the home care environment
  • Fewer than 175 parts
  • IP24: resistant to dust and fluid ingress
  • High storage capacity: extensive 8,000-event infusion history stored on a Flash card
  • Force reduction: unique magnetic pumping mechanism reduces force and stress during operation, lessening wear and tear to the Sapphire pump
  • Online certification: annual certification process confirms pumps are within specs. Data gathered from certification process will be used for continual improvements
  • Global repair rate (for 2012): was less than 0.6% per year (outside the U.S.)1


Human factors driven design, evolved to the latest homecare standard provides on-screen prompts, making Sapphire infusion system easy for clinicians, easy for caregivers, easy for patients.

  • Large, color touch screen: simple to read and makes setup, programming and troubleshooting easy for patients and caregivers
  • Intuitive programming: touch screen presents only relevant keystroke options
  • Tailored for home care: quiet operation and ergonomic design is ideal for use in home care and hospice environments
  • Remote upgrades: the Sapphire pump’s built-in software can be updated remotely similar to common PC updates
  • On screen troubleshooting: provides clinician/patient with information on how to resolve alarms and alerts



The Sapphire infusion system provides the performance, accuracy and configurable settings you need to help meet your patients’ therapy needs – all through a single infusion pump.

  • Accurate infusions: the Sapphire infusion system is rated for ± 2.5% accuracy† even under long or slow rate deliveries
  • Multi-therapy capable: the Sapphire infusion system allows a variety of therapies, including continuous, intermittent, multi-step, PCA, TPN, weight dosed and epidural
  • Hardware- and set-based free flow protection
  • Convenient pre-set options: the Sapphire pump can be custom programmed with up to 10 pre-set protocols per therapy, and with a delayed start
  • Built-in pre-set programs: drug library with hard/soft limits (PCA, Epidural delivery modes)
  • Customize your Sapphire pump: lock out unused or unwanted therapies

Subject to external conditions such as tubing, rate, bag position relative to the pump, humidity and temperature



Together, the durable construction and advanced software of the Sapphire infusion system combine to create cost savings opportunities to help your pharmacy thrive.

  • Rechargeable batteries: saves money and supports green initiatives as compared to buying and discarding disposable batteries
  • Annual remote certification: customers can conduct certification testing online from their own site, keeping their equipment on-site and available for use, and avoiding the cost of hiring a third party to conduct the certification
  • Upgradeable online: save costs on replacement parts or pumps by extending the Sapphire pump’s life into the future



Your Sapphire™ pump offers more than accurate infusion care. Extend its benefits with ICU Medical’s outstanding service, technical support, upgrades, and other resources. Let us help you optimize your investment so you can maximize the care you give – whenever and wherever needed.

  • Dedicated support: extensive alternate site focused sales force provides the personal service you need
  • Ongoing customer service: gain confidence and ease from knowing that technical and medical assistance are here for round-the-clock support
  • Customized, site-specific user training: make a seamless transition to using Sapphire through regular consultative development and on-site visits from our service teams, tailored for your various needs

* Claims presented as compared to GemStar™ infusion system

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