VisIV Container

Ready, Safe, Go.


The VisIV container from ICU Medical represents forward-thinking innovation for optimal IV delivery. From efficiency and accuracy, to safety for patients, caregivers, and the environment, the VisIV container is designed with you in mind.


  • No overwrap
  • Reduce the time to first dose
  • Easy-to-read label
  • Shelf-stable for 24 months


  • 100% PVC- and DEHP-free
  • Manufactured with non-latex components
  • Can reduce the usage of glass containers
  • Clear container for easy inspection
  • Sterile ports
  • Eliminates the need for initial alcohol swab
  • Virtually impenetrable port tubes help protect against needlesticks


  • Helps to eliminate up to 70% of plastic waste
  • Helps meet waste reduction goals


At ICU Medical, we offer a broad portfolio of products and solutions designed to minimize common safety risks to healthcare providers and their patients. Learn more about our ongoing commitment to caregiver safety and the options that we can offer you.

℞ Only. For safe and proper use of these devices, please refer to the appropriate manual.

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