Clinical Assessment Services

Help improve patient medication delivery practices and reduce costs

Interested in reducing costs? Standardizing products across your healthcare organization? Looking to gain valuable insights into clinical IV medication practices at the patient bedside? ICU Medical can help you achieve this and more with a detailed Clinical Assessment.

What an ICU Medical clinical assessment includes:

ICU Medical clinical experts provide onsite, in-depth assessment and analysis of how products are being used in clinical practice. Our objectivity and breadth of experience is reflected in detailed recommendations on how to enhance and maximize resource utilization to achieve clinical best practices, workflow and cost management. Our comprehensive process includes:

Data Collection

Our clinical team meets with clinicians throughout your hospital to thoroughly understand clinical practices and product usage related to IV therapy.

Data Analysis

Our team of clinical professionals analyzes data collected to provide information that will help you improve clinical efficiencies and reduce costs through standardization of products and practices.

Presentation of Findings

We present a detailed report of our findings, including clinical recommendations to help you improve practices and efficiencies. If additional implementation assistance is required, the ICU Medical Pre- and Post- Implementation Services team helps ensure all project goals are achieved successfully.