Union Hospital Integrates ICU Medical IV Pumps with MEDITECH EHR to Advance Patient Safety and Increase Revenue

Full IV-EHR interoperability between ICU Medical infusion pumps and the MEDITECH EHR made possible with ICU Medical MedNet safety software and Iatric Accelero Connect integration solution.

San Clemente, CA September 06, 2017 – ICU Medical, Inc. a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture and sale of innovative medical devices used in infusion therapy and critical care applications, today announced the successful implementation of full IV-EHR interoperability between Union Hospital’s ICU Medical Infusion pumps and the hospital’s MEDITECH EHR. The integration is made possible with ICU Medical’s MedNet™ safety software and Iatric Systems Accelero Connect®integration solution. ICU Medical acquired the Hospira Infusion Systems business, which includes infusion pumps and IV safety software, from Pfizer in February of this year.

Union Hospital, in Dover, Ohio, has a strong technology foundation (HIMSS Analytics Stage 6) and a strong multidisciplinary team leading the project. David Baumgardner, Union Hospital’s Director of Information Technology, explained that “Union Hospital is committed to providing quality care to our patients. We pursued this project to improve patient safety, automate IV documentation to increase revenue, and streamline nursing workflow processes.” 

Meditech ICU Medical Interface

The two-way integration automates pump programming with a validated EHR medication order and then documents medication administration data back into the patient’s electronic medical record. Only a small percentage of hospitals across the nation have implemented two-way smart pump EHR integration. In its report, titled Smart Pump/EMR Interoperability 2017, KLAS® Research, a leading healthcare IT data and insight company, said that by using Iatric to implement interoperability with MEDITECH, ICU Medical becomes first smart pump vendor to integrate their product with an EMR using third-party middleware.

“The goal of EHR integration is to reduce variability and promote standardization,” explained Pamela Swarny, Pharm.D., J.D., Union Hospital’s Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services. “Any time there is manual intervention with the pumps, there is room for human error. This integration has removed that room for error and closed the loop on IV medication administration and documentation.” 

Michele Garber, BSN, MS, RN, Director of Clinical Informatics explained that “the process of scanning during IV administration has quickly become the gold standard for safe IV practices at our facility.” She added that Union’s staff “has found it to be quick to use, and the process ensures that the patient is receiving the right medication at the right dose.” 

ICU Medical’s MedNet software enables hospitals to create a drug library that can automatically link to ICU Medical/Hospira infusion pumps, enforcing hard/soft upper and lower limits by drug type and empowering clinical leaders with visibility into infusion practices through MedNet Performance Reports. The system is designed to strengthen hospitals’ efforts to improve patient safety and formulary compliance while avoiding preventable costs.

Iatric Systems Accelero Connect integration solution is vendor-neutral, enabling interoperability between medical devices and hospital EHRs. Using Accelero Connect, hospitals have successfully integrated critical care and low-acuity vital sign monitors, ventilators, and other medical devices - now including smart pumps - with their hospital EHRs. Iatric Systems has dedicated more than 25 years to helping hospitals maximize their EHR investment.


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