ICU Medical Receives the 2017 Cerner Innovation Award for Industry Leadership in IV-EHR Interoperability

The award recognizes ICU Medical for providing IV-EHR interoperability between its patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump and the Cerner iBus to enhance patient safety, improve clinical efficiency and maximize profitability.

SAN CLEMENTE, California - November 15, 2017 ICU Medical, Inc. a worldwide leader in the development, manufacture, and sale of innovative medical devices used in infusion therapy and critical care applications, today announced it has received the 2017 Cerner Innovation Award for its efforts in successfully integrating the LifeCare PCATM infusion pump with the Cerner CareAware iBus solution that connects peripheral medical devices to electronic health records (EHR). ICU Medical’s LifeCare PCA is the first and only patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) infusion pump to interoperate with Cerner iBus, bringing next generation connectivity solutions to healthcare providers and helping to cost effectively increase the safety and efficiency of IV medication delivery.

The Cerner Innovation Award, announced during the Cerner Health Conference 2017 in Kansas City, MO, also highlights the ICU Medical LifeCare PCA as the first and only PCA to support Cerner’s alert forwarding technology.
Alert forwarding between LifeCare PCA and CareAware, enabled by ICU Medical MedNetTM safety software, helps to support a quicker response from healthcare providers to smart pump alarms.

2017 Cerner Innovation Award for ICU Medical

“This award is a testament to our conscious and committed effort to lead the industry in informatics innovations,’’ said Dan Woolson, vice president and general manager of ICU Medical Infusion Systems. “Through ICU Medical’s complete portfolio of the latest smart infusion pumps, informatics and services, we are doing our part to enhance patient safety with proven IV pump and safety software technology that connects directly to a hospital’s EHR.”

ICU Medical’s portfolio of smart infusion pumps and MedNet safety software offers:

  • Full IV-EHR interoperability with the most EHR systems
  • The highest customer satisfaction for IV-EHR interoperability
  • The first and only patient controlled analgesia (PCA) to support IV-EHR interoperability
  • The first and only smart pumps to support alert forwarding

Interoperability with Cerner’s CareAware iBus technology allows nurses to use the hospital’s EHR workflow to program settings on ICU Medical’s LifeCare PCA pump and infusion data from LifeCare PCA to transfer into the EHR, ensuring accurate administration and documentation and allowing nurses to spend more time on patient care. Cerner’s CareAware is able to route alerts from LifeCare PCA directly to the caregiver and provides a robust alert reporting database.

Cerner also recognized ICU Medical for its 10-year partnership with the company and as a CareAware Validated Partner. ICU Medical’s partnership with Cerner began with the integration of the Plum and MedNet platforms, combining the Plum’s concurrent flow technology with MedNet to help hospitals reduce dosing errors and protect their patients while ensuring more accurate documentation of start and stop times of medication.

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