Lopez Valve | Closed Enteral Tube Valve

Closed valve technology designed to keep healthcare workers safe from bloodborne pathogens.

The Lopez Valve features clinically-proven stopcock technology that maintains a closed system throughout enteral feeding, drug administration, and suctioning procedures. Maintaining a closed system not only saves time by eliminating the use of NG tube plugs and suction line connectors, but also helps keep healthcare workers safe from accidental exposure to infectious bodily fluids.

Traditional methods of nasogastric therapies require the cumbersome manipulation of suction lines, NG tube plugs, and wasted time before resuming suction. These traditional methods of NG therapies result in open systems that can expose healthcare workers to bodily fluids which may carry bloodborne pathogens.

The Lopez Valve utilizes stopcock technology to allow for the administration of medication with an NG syringe without having to disconnect a suction or feeding line. Not only does this system reduce the cumbersome process of suctioning NG drainage, but it also increases healthcare worker safety by limiting potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens.

How it works


The Lopez Valve is constructed out of four (4) components:

  • A polycarbonate valve body

  • A low linear density polyethylene valve core

  • A polyethylene cap

  • A vinyl adapter tube

Latex is not a component used in the manufacturing or packaging of the Lopez Valve.



The Lopez Valve (M9000), is a non-sterile product. The Lopez Valve with tethered cap (M9000T) is a sterile product. The Lopez Valve can also be custom ordered as a sterile product (M9000-s).