• User-controlled automated compounding for maximum accuracy & safety.
    Unlike automated technologies that require huge investments and do not fit within existing workflows, the Diana system cost-effectively keeps pharmacists and technicians in control of the compounding process from beginning to end.

  • Closed system assures safety of clinicians and the sterility of the mix.
    The Diana system fits under the hood of your biological safety cabinet and protects clinicians from exposure to hazardous drugs and accidental needlesticks while protecting the patient preparation from exposure to environmental contaminants.

  • Reduces risk of repetitive stress injuries.
    Free up pharmacists and technicians from many of the repetitive motions required during preparation and reconstitution and reduce the stresses and injuries that can occur as a result.

  • Increases efficiencies and reduces drug waste.
    By helping you improve the efficiency of high-volume compounding, the Diana system can deliver workflow efficiencies while helping you reduce drug waste by extracting every drop of drug from every container.


Repeatable accuracy from a user-controlled automated system that integrates barcode scanning to help you minimize human data entry errors.


Keeping clinicians and patients safe from exposure to hazardous drugs and accidental needlesticks, the Diana system also helps you maintain drug sterility.


Perfect for low- and high-volume preparations, the Diana system also minimizes repetitive motion stresses, making filling elastomeric pumps quick and painless.

How it Works

Reducing Human Data Entry Error.
The Diana system’s barcode scanner references a library of over 6500 unique injectable drug names and concentrations to help minimize data entry errors while giving you enhanced traceability, improved documentation, and complete validation of each preparation.

Providing a Complete Record of Each Preparation
After each mix is completed, the Diana system sends the medication name, volume, time, and date to a printer that creates up to five labels containing preparation information to complement your validation and quality assurance process, help prevent medication errors, and provide a record of past preparations.

System Workflow

Step One

Scan the barcode on the patient order to
provide order traceability.

Step Two

Scan the medication barcode to display the drug name and concentration on the screen.

Step Three

Enter drug volume and verify that the volume, channel, and container are correct.

Step Four

Press the start button and Diana does the rest, giving you validation when complete.

After the mix is complete, the Diana system prints up to five barcoded labels for enhanced traceability.

The Diana system is also available with a user-programmable dropdown drug menu for workflows not using barcode scanning.

A Legacy of Caring


A Legacy of Caring.

Diana Kostyra Lopez, MD:
The original “Diana” and inspiration for the
Diana Hazardous Drug Compounding System.

Dr. Diana Kostyra Lopez was a dedicated and caring pediatrician and the wife of ICU Medical CEO Dr. George "Doc" Lopez. In 2006, Diana lost a valiant fight with cancer. Through that tragic event, Doc found a way to both honor the memory of his wife and fulfill a promise he made to her as she was going through cancer treatments.

During chemotherapy, Diana heard her nurses complain of a metallic taste in their mouths and discuss potential health hazards from exposure to chemotherapy drugs. She asked Doc to create a solution that would help keep clinicians safe from exposure, and the result is the ICU Medical line of needlefree oncology solutions, including the Diana system.

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